Playlist Revival: Fall Kickoff

Five songs, diverse artists, differing moods. Lets go:


Insecure- Elohim

If I could use one word to describe Elohim, it would be “odd-and-beautiful” (the dashes make it one word, okay?).  You may have heard her more popular song, titled "Sleepy Eyes"which provides a catchy beat and gripping electronic chorus. The song "Insecure" shows another side to the artist and quite frankly hits you directly in the “feels.”  It is a walk through the obsession and vibes associated with insecurity, as well as knowledge of the freedom that comes with beating this phenomenon.  It’s a great listen for anyone who has struggled or is currently struggling with insecurity. 



This song examines a newly observed occurrence called “emotional cheating.”  This is the argument that one can cheat without ever actually coming into physical contact with another person.  The 1975 explores this issue by singing through a hypothetical argument with a girlfriend claiming “I only called her one time, maybe it was two times” and eventually calling out the girlfriend for texting another guy sometimes. The chorus ends with “I didn’t mean to two-time ya.”  Whether you agree that emotional cheating is actual cheating, we can all agree the relationship in this song ain’t healthy (yay English).  We can also all agree that this is one of the catchiest songs you’ll hear this month SO GIVE IT A LISTEN.


Aftergold- Big Wild

Speaking of one of the catchiest songs you’ll hear this month, here is another one.  This is an instrumental electronic piece but may not be what you expect.  It begins fast but soft with chimes and smooth melody. Then the beat drops, and it suddenly feels like you are on a plane traveling to your favorite place in the world, eating street food, dancing with locals, attending music festivals and you get the idea.  This song really is like a fun trip and will probably make you smile. I like to listen to this one right before I begin studying as a motivator.

&Run- Sir Sly

Sir Sly is one of those artists that doesn’t just try to make a “nice sounding” song.  The band’s lyrics have weight to them and relate to diverse situations such as loss of a loved one and hard breakups.  This song has an engrossing hip-hop beat that really brings the listener into the anger of the situation.  Sir Sly is singing about a break-up in which he did and gave all he could to fix it, but nothing ever came of his efforts.  It results in emotion “heavy as the setting sun” and the desire to just get up &Run.


I Don’t Think So- Ben Phipps

This song explores the confusion and unrealistic hopes following a break-up.  The heartbreaking lyrics are paired with a fun, upbeat tune causing the listener to wonder what exactly is going on in his or her own mind, parallel to the way the singer expresses a back and forth of hopefulness for restoration and a feeling of being “out of mind.”  Ben Phipps provides a shock of reality within this song, while also providing the listeners with comfort that they are not alone in feeling this way.


And there you have it! May the beginning of your fall semester be full of catchy, emotional, angry, upbeat songs to accompany you through this thing called life.