PINK New Year, New Gear Event

PINK-New Year, New Gear Event

As some of you may remember about a month ago we had the PINK Bus right on our campus and we had a scavenger hunt just last week. If you missed it then don’t worry the PINK CU Boulder Campus Reps and the Campus Team have some awesome things ahead.



One thing you want to make sure you have on your calendar is our very first in store event of the year. This event is something you definitely won’t want to miss, and I’m sure you are all wondering about the details. We will be hosting the in store party from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on Sunday October 8th. At the event we will be doing giveaways and will have props so you can take pictures while you are there.


If you are like most college students I’m sure you’re thinking “wow this sounds awesome, but I’m also poor.” Well let me start by saying this, girl same, living the college life is a struggle sometimes. But one thing to keep in mind is that this event will be held during Parent’s Weekend. You all know what that means. Yes, you can take your mom, dad, grandparent, or whoever you want to the store with you to buy all the new and truly amazing PINK products. I mean who isn’t dying to score those beautiful velvet panties and bralette just in time for Fall?



During this event we will have tons of awesome deals going on during this time. The first 50 people to come and make a purchase get a FREE PINK fanny pack! Oh, and the PCC collection that we all love to wear for game day, it’s 50% off your PCC purchase. If you are dying for new panties there will also be an 8 for $28 panty deal going on. The best thing is, all of the offers I just mentioned are in addition to any of the offers that are already happening in the store!



So while it may be parent’s weekend, make sure you set some time aside to come to PINK CU Boulder’s first in store event of the year! What a better way to end the weekend than with tons of great deals and new gear.