Pining for Peachy’s Superfruit Cafe


If you’re on a health binge like a lot of other Boulderites or want a new place to indulge at besides Rush Bowls, Peachy’s is the place to go! All jokes acai’d, these bowls were amazing!

Peachy’s Superfruit Cafe recently opened their very first location right in Boulder and claimed there home at 1926 14th street, conveniently near the Pearl Street Mall. But if you really want to talk local, Peachy’s was started by CU student Lauren Jacobsen and her partner Jason Lorenz, who also happens to be a BMX athlete. The two agreed there were few quick and healthy food alternatives in Boulder, so their inspiration for the cure began. They spent some time traveling around the world until they settled on their little corner spot in November of 2017.

That’s where the duo’s leap of faith really took off. With the help of family and friends, they renovated the store alone. No really, they laid each tile, built the counter and even made the soon-to-be-iconic sign “Good Mood, Good Food” sign.

Each bowl is handcrafted exactly to order with very fresh, local and high quality ingredients, a point that the staff prides themselves on. We really mean local, too. In fact, their honey is raw and sourced from beekeepers throughout Colorado and nothing they serve contains GMOs.

The handcrafted bowls come in two sizes: Half size (16 oz) and Whole size (32 oz). Along with their two sizes, they offer three different types of bowls: Acai Bowls, Pitaya Bowls, and Other Bowls. Their toppings include granola, dry toppings, and fruit toppings.

You may be a little (or a lot) confused about what Pitaya is and what other bowls Peachy’s has to offer. Pitaya comes from Dragon Fruit and has a faint sweet taste, but is ultimately sour. Acai, on the other hand, is from the South American palm tree and has a much sweeter taste.

Maddy got The Peachy Bowl which has a blend of pure acai, peaches, banana, blueberries, pineapple and apple juice: I decided to put granola, bananas and honey as my toppings, but I personally wish I had been a little more adventurous. Now, either way my bowl was delicious and to die for. Don’t take this advice lightly coming from a die-hard Rush Bowls fan, but you absolutely have to get your butt over to Peachy’s and try them out for yourself because I cannot give justice to the sensations their flavors gave my taste buds.

Nikki got The Honey Bowl which has a blend of acai, honey, banana, blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk: I decided to put regular granola, strawberries, bananas, and honey as my toppings. This was actually my first time trying acai and I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it so much. Next time, I’m definitely trying the pitaya bowls (and not just because they’re pink)! Grab your gal pals and head on over!


The delicious bowls are not the only thing calling Boulderites to the Superfruit Cafe; their aesthetic interior designs make Peachy’s an Instagram hot-spot!

Peachy’s is a must-visit place for good food and great atmosphere. If our cute pictures don’t persuade you, go see for yourself! Follow them on Instagram @peachysboulder


Your girls,


Nikki and Maddy