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The Perks of Being a Commuter Student at CU Boulder

You might have heard of all those interesting stories of your classmates and their roommates about commuting to campus. While it may seem desirable to live on or close to campus, there is, in fact, another option that many might not hear about, but is equally amazing. And that is: commuting. Based on my personal experience, here are four benefits to being a commuting student at CU.

Saving on the $$$.

Living off-campus can certainly save you a lot of money. Choosing not to live in the dorms definitely spared me at least $6,000 per semester. As a commuter, you’re not required to get a meal plan, which can also save you at least $100 per semester.

Living with family. 

Some might say that this isn’t exactly an advantage, but for me, I definitely find it rewarding to continue living with my family. Compared to chatting with them on the phone, I’m able to better enjoy the company of my parents and my sister because we are around each other more often.  

School-life balance.

While it may take extra effort to commute to campus every day, this daily routine of making time and travel arrangements certainly helps you to map out your schedule in a more organized fashion. I definitely found it productive, and because of the autonomy you get from commuting, you have more time to yourself. 

Knowing the ways of the road.

Whether you commute by car, bus, bike, etc., you certainly can become more accustomed to transportation as well as the different roads you travel each day. Not only are you able to familiarize yourself with the different routes to get to campus, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy the different views as you commute.

Whether or not you’re living on campus, remember that there’s an advantage to pretty much anywhere you decide to live during college. As a commuter, I always wondered what it would be like to have roommates. In the same way, my friends living in the residence halls always thought of how nice it would be to live with their parents. If you’re thinking about commuting, I highly encourage you to go for it; you won’t regret it at all!

Gennah Penalosa is currently a junior at the Leeds School of Business. During her free time, she likes to draw, play the guitar, and read webcomics.
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