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I’ve always been the girl to carry around an emotional support water bottle. After many years with my hydroflask, it was time to upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of my Hydro Flask, but I wanted to mix it up. As an avid TikTok watcher, I had seen what felt like a million reviews on the Owala Water Bottle. Although I’m not a huge spender, I thought what it had to offer was well worth it.

I purchased Owala’s TikTok-famous free-sip bottle for a whopping $27.99 (plus tax of course). Comparatively, Hydro Flask sells the same sized bottle for nearly $45. Already, the price point has Owala in the lead, but let’s take a look into the features.

Both brands keep your ice frozen and your water cold, so it’s a guarantee that you’ll get a refreshing sip in the morning. Considering the recent summer heat, this feature is a definite necessity. Both brands also carry different sizes by ounce, so there’s options depending on how much water you’ll need. 

However, where Owala sets itself apart lies within its two-in-one straw and wide-mouth options. This allows you to sip or chug whenever you want without changing out your bottle. This makes it perfect for sipping in lecture without making too much noise or chugging at the gym after the stair master. It locks shut and opens with a satisfying press of a button. Its retractable handle also makes it perfect for daily use. 

Before I purchased my Owala, I had more than enough friends encouraging me to get a Stanley. Everyone’s obsession with their Stanley had me seriously considering it, but here’s the issue: it leaks. I know, I know, you can take the straw out and whatnot to keep it closed, but that seems unsanitary and excessive. The beauty of Owala’s leak-proof technology is that you get the straw without the spill. If my water bottle can’t lay in bed with me, I don’t want it. So sorry to all the Stanley stans out there, but Owala is the clear superior.

After perusing through over 15 color options, I picked the cutest blue, white and mint bottle from Amazon that I will be using religiously throughout my next few years at Boulder. It took me a while to get used to the Owala look, but I’m honestly so happy with it. This is definitely the best purchase I’ve made in a while, and I seriously encourage you to get one, too.

Kate Paxton

CU Boulder '26

Kate Paxton is a writer and member of Her Campus Colorado University Boulder. She writes articles covering a variety of topics like wellness, college life, and films. Previously, she was an editor for her high school's newspaper The Mustang, where she oversaw the comedy section and contributed articles. She is currently a sophomore at CU Boulder, majoring in psychology with a pre-health emphasis. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, binge watching sitcoms, and therapeutically cleaning her room.