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Our Spring Break Bucket List!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.


The idea of break being so close makes sitting in class or at Norlin almost unbearable. Unfortunately, it’s the time of year where class attendance and reviewing for midterms is absolutely necessary. If you’re anything like me, the only thing keeping you going this week is the idea of all the activities to come. These Spring Break bucket lists are intended to help guide you and ensure that you take advantage of all that the week has to offer.

If you’re headed home and hanging out with your mom:

  1. Visit the Local College – College spring breaks are different across the country and this could be the perfect mini-vacation. Finally you can visit your high school friends at their school without sacrificing a weekend in Boulder.
  2. Exercise – All your peers are consuming endless amounts of alcohol calories and restaurant meals. Keep that in mind while you spend your break finding fun physical activities and staying on top of that summer body.
  3. Log into that Hulu Plus account – Here’s your chance to catch up on all twelve of your reality shows you’ve gotten behind on. Invite hometown friends to join or just cuddle up with your long-lost dog.
  4. Go Shopping – Everyone knows their hometown stores the best. With dad’s credit card in hand and mom by your side, you can’t be stopped.
  5. Rekindle an old flame – Usually nothing says “rock bottom” like that first text to your high school boyfriend, but this week it’s acceptable and even encouraged.

If you’re headed to a place where the climate is only slightly stronger than the drinks:

  1. Have a Spring Break Fling – Whether it’s with someone you’ve been crushing on from Boulder or a new boy, spend the week flirting and having fun in the sun. That being said, understand that you are not in the dark basement of some frat and the chance of any slutty actions being documented is very plausible.
  2. Participate in Cliché Pictures – No vacation is real unless you have the cliché instagrams to prove it. That means yes to sombreros, yes to beach sunset pictures, and yes to ‘throwing what you know’ with everyone you know.
  3. Make it to Dinner – This is a seemingly simple task but for those of you who have experienced Frat Formal, you understand the struggle of making it to mealtime after day drinking.
  4. Go the entire trip without losing a personal item – Cell phone, camera, bathing suit top, dignity…all included.
  5. Survive.
Natasha is sophomore at University of Colorado Boulder and is majoring in Journalism. She is a Southern California native learning to live in the snow, and is addicted to dirty chais. She is the Social Chair of Alpha Phi, and believes life is better in a pair of stilettoes. She one day aspires to work in the fashion magazine industry, or public relations.