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Our Feelings Towards Autumn Told by the Cast of Parks and Recreation

Although we’re all a little sad that summer is coming to a close, there is so much to look forward to in fall. And besides, who really wants summer to be this long? If you are doing anything but sweating 24/7, you’re lying to yourself. So to bring in fall with a crisp please welcome the Parks and Rec cast, saying what we’re all thinking.

First of all, you can finally layer again! We get to grab our scarves and boots and hide our legs from the sunlight once again. Maybe even head over to the mall and….


And this is you when you walk from engineering to education and your ponytail isn’t wet from sweat anymore.


Taking advantage of all of the flavored fall drinks that are out there.


But when someone gives you shit for getting Pumpkin Spice everyday…


Not feeling guilty about staying inside and watching movies all day…


Realizing it’s pumpkin patch season…


Getting to stay in all night with your best friends just.. you know, hanging out.


And best of all, knowing that you can snack all day because we have months until swimsuit season is back.



Drinking your apple cider watching the leaves change colors…


And getting to let loose knowing the hottest days of the year are over.




Thanks for reading! And thanks to GIPHY for all of the great gifs.


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