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As a self-proclaimed sandwich enthusiast (I worked at Jersey Mike’s for two years), I take pride in my personal ratings. Because I’m an out of state student, I’ve tried to taste test every sandwich I’ve come across. I’ve had Snarfs, Half-fast, and even Moe’s bagels (if you count that as a sandwich). By far, the most quality, salivating inducing sandwich I’ve had was from the Organic Sandwich Company.

This woman-owned business is located off Pearl St. in Boulder and in Louisville. Their mission? The yummiest, truly organic food. The owner, Marcy Miller, grew up in the midwest eating food from her home garden, which inspired her desire for authentic food free of artificial components like pesticides and hormones. With encouragement and assistance from her sister, Bonnie, the plan for the Organic Sandwich Company was set in motion. In 2015, the Boulder location opened and it was a delicious success. Not much later, the company extended to a Louisville location in 2017.

At my first of many visits, I ordered the prosciutto caprese sandwich. With mozzarella, tomato, basil, oil and vinegar topped onto a freshly made baguette, it was a dream. My vegetarian companion got the spicy veggie and was more than impressed. From the bread to the drinks, all of their ingredients are locally sourced Even more? They are committed to zero waste and nearly all of the materials they use are composted or recycled. You can enjoy a delicious, reasonably priced meal here with zero guilt, regardless of what you value. 

Plus, the menu consists of a lot more than just meat between bread. With soup, salad, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and kid options, you’ll definitely find your fix. And I’m excited to try it all. Despite my undying loyalty to Jersey Mike’s, I might have to admit that the Organic Sandwich Company is genuinely better, in more ways than one. The quality, options, price, and environmentally efficiency outweighs any commercialized sandwich business. If you haven’t already tried it, I guarantee you’ll fall in love. So get your sandwich loving selves over to the Organic Sandwich Company.

Kate Paxton

CU Boulder '26

Kate Paxton is a writer and member of Her Campus Colorado University Boulder. She writes articles covering a variety of topics like wellness, college life, and films. Previously, she was an editor for her high school's newspaper The Mustang, where she oversaw the comedy section and contributed articles. She is currently a sophomore at CU Boulder, majoring in psychology with a pre-health emphasis. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, binge watching sitcoms, and therapeutically cleaning her room.