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The One Where I Say Goodbye to Room 824

The One Where I Say Good bye to Room 824


    Hello Boulder Guys and Gals! As my first year of college comes swiftly to an end I wanted to say goodbye to my dorm room and reflect on all the memories I have made this year. When I first got the idea to write this article I instantly thought of the last episode of friends, I know I’m not graduating but moving into my second year of college I’ve learned a lot of life lessons and about myself as well. I’ve decided to break it up by each month I was in the dorms and talk about the memories that stuck out to me the most.


August- Move In Day!

    Move in day was when it really felt real. It was weird to think I was gonna be living without my parents and getting down with class by 2pm everyday. During move in I met a lot of really awesome girls who I still consider my friends even if we’ve all taken different paths now.


September- First Month!

    In september I was selected to be apart of Pink CU Boulder and it was the best thing to happen to me. I was extremely excited to help represent a brand geared towards the college girl.  I also attended my first college football game where I made new friends who I still talk to and occasionally hang out with. Oh and by the way the Rams still suck. I also attended my first FTX with ROTC where I did day and night land nav, participated in challenge courses, and got to go to the range.



    In october I went on a bunch of adventures with my roomie and girls from our floor ranging from going up Flagstaff to Night drives. The pink girls and I also did a very fun photo shoot at one of the pumpkin patches in town. I also began writing for Her Campus where I get to express myself and has opened a lot of new doors for me.



    I didn’t do much in November but I finally turned 18. To celebrate my friends and I went to dinner and then we went and climbed up to the star, even though we were not dressed for the climb.



    In December my friends and I decided to take a last minute adventure to the Sand Dunes to explore and take some sick photos. The drive was long but so far one of my favorite memories. Finals sucked but I survived and made it through



    After returning from winter break I decided to begin training for The Bataan Memorial Death March with someone my fellow ROTC events.  With saturdays being our long distance days the rest of my weekend was dedicated to netflix and naps.


    February I focused on getting work done and continuing my training for Bataan. Not happened but it’s okay to just chill and take time to relax. BUt I made time for tacos and gossip with the girls who are always there for me




    SPRING BREAK WOOO! Before I went home for spring break I attended the Bataan Memorial Death March where I finished 9th in my age division. The experiences was a metal and physical challenge but I am grateful I participated and can’t wait to do it again next year. I also attended my first military ball and which was quite the experience.


April- Goodbye!

    This year has been an experience and I am so glad I chose to go to a school out of state. I believe it pushed me to get outside of my bubble and challenge myself. In april I passed my PT test with a score of 259 which was a huge improvement for me in the ROTC program. I also attended our tactics FTX where I froze my butt off but learned a lot. I also went on adventures with my guy friends  and had many laughs. As the month came to an end I finished up class and got my nose pierced (oops!).


I will always cherish the memories I made throughput my first year along with the friendships

I hope everyone had a good year of school and I’m excited to be back in the fall. I also want to thank everyone for reading my articles this year. I can’t wait to give y’all more in the fall!


XOXO- Michaela


Michaela is a rising Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder where she is majoring in psychology and working towards minors in education and leadership. Outside of the classroom, Michaela is a founding member of the Phi Mu Xi Alpha chapter and a 4-year member of Her Campus x CU. On the weekend you can find Michaela shopping on Pearl St. or driving up to the mountains.
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