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My summer of travel meant a summer of long plane rides. Most of my time was spent sitting in the airport, AirPods firmly in place. I don’t know how I would have gotten through some of my travel days without music in my ears. Of all of the music I listened to this summer, these were my top tunes. 

“I Burned LA Down” by Noah Cyrus

Cheers to the lesser appreciated Cyrus sister for creating my #1 song of the summer. With lyrics like “you can’t make a God of somebody who’s not even half of a half decent man,” and “if I gave you less would you want me more” how can you not scream in the car with your windows down?

“All the Pretty Girls” by KALEO

This acoustic, folksy tune had me feeling like one of the pretty girls. It’s a song you can hum along to while doing dishes or quietly starting homework, or blast with your windows down on an evening drive. 

“England” by The National

Every time I travel, this is the first song I play when I get on the plane. It has the perfect sense of wanderlust and mystery. It makes me feel like a girl who just packs up and goes, and like a girl who has someone who misses me when I’m gone. This song will forever be emotional for me for so many reasons, but this summer it inspired my favorite travel season yet! 

“I Wonder” by Ella Grace

The perfect chill song to end any type of night you might have had. I’ll always associate this song with closing my eyes and winding down. Listening to the low sweet sound of Ella Grace’s voice is like a bull tranquilizer to my system. 

“Joshua Tree” by Rozzi

To me, this song perfectly summed up a summer romance. I felt loved and heartbroken and joyful and sad while listening to Rozzi sing. You really follow her along a journey and can’t help but sing along the whole way. 

“Freakin’ Out on the Interstate” by Briston Maroney

This song just feels good. Like singing with your friends in the car or dancing at Red Rocks. It’s all electric guitar and good vibes. 

“The Most Beautiful Thing” by Bruno Major

There’s nothing quite like a heartbreakingly romantic ode to a lover you haven’t met yet. If you are new to the musical stylings of Bruno Major, you’re in for such a treat. Other faves are his cover of “Bad Religion” and his original song “Nothing.”

“Love Lost” by Mac Miller and The Temper Trap

This remix was born on a TikTok stage, but since its social media debut an entire album of Mac Miller remixes has dropped on Spotify. This one being my personal favorite. The Temper Trap, best known for their song “Sweet Disposition,” provides the backdrop for a perfect mashup. 

“Here for the First Time” by Juniper

Another indie jam makes the list! “Here for the First Time” has such a nostalgic and welcoming feel. You’ll just want to sing along! 

“Ms” and “Dissolve Me” by alt-J

I gave you two songs for the price of one, but really this entire album was on repeat for the whole summer. “An Awesome Wave”, alt-J’s first album, is best known for its song “Breezeblocks.” However, the deeper you get into this album the more absolute bangers you’ll come across. Alt-J’s music has a way of relaxing your muscles but also making you want to stand up and dance. A perfect and intoxicating combo. 

I hope you found some new songs to add to your fall playlists! Be sure to check out these artists and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Alia Davis

CU Boulder '23

Alia is the Director of Outreach and a contributing writer at Her Campus CU Boulder. She is a fourth year student majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology. When she isn't writing articles, she can typically be spotted on a run, watching sad films, or re-reading Dune.