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Many people keep a running list of their first major life moments in their minds: the first time riding a bike, first kiss, first big accomplishment, etc. My favorite “first experience” from my list would, without a doubt, be the first time I successfully used the law of attraction. For those unfamiliar with the law of attraction or manifestation, it’s the power of using your mind, coupled with strong emotion, to attract your greatest desires, or bring about your biggest fears. No, I’m not crazy; this is real. Everything in life is made up of energy and vibration, and when your thoughts and feelings are aligned with that energy, you have the power to magnetize that experience—good or bad––into your life. For a positive manifestation to occur, you must state a clear intention of what you want, and the universe will provide you with your expectations, as long as you release it and genuinely believe that it will come true. 

My parents started me in a lacrosse program when I was in second grade, and I truly loved the sport. Although I was an athletic child, I lacked the confidence and aggression to score a goal. Over the years, I became more insecure about my lacrosse skills.  the time I was in seventh grade, my self-esteem had taken a turn for the worse, particularly because my teammates weren’t passing the ball to me. On many days, I would cry and complain to my mom after practice.

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Trying to cheer me up, my mom gave me a brilliant idea. She said I should write a letter to myself about what a perfect lacrosse season would look like, and that I had to write the letter as if it already happened. I poured my heart into this letter, clearly stating my desires and imagining that they came true. Afterward, I folded up the letter, put it in a box, and completely forgot about it. It was as if I had ordered something online and didn’t remember I made the purchase.

During the last game of the season, a ground ball was headed in my direction. Defeating my opponent, I scooped up the ball, ran down the field, and scored the most beautiful goal into the top right corner. It was a magical moment. 

On the car ride home, my mom reminded me of the letter I wrote. Even though I worked hard that season and proved myself to my teammates, I still thanked the universe for looking out for me and helping me achieve my dream. The lesson I learned from this experience was that as long as I maintain a high vibration, continue to put forth the effort, your manifestation “package” will arrive at your door when you least expect it.

Taylor Gurtman

CU Boulder '24

Taylor is a freshman at CU Boulder and is majoring in journalism. Besides writing articles, Taylor enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts, and laughing with her friends.
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