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Mixing Up Your Meals on The Hill

 Living in Boulder, the food options are endless. We have access to all kinds of grocery stores, sandwich shops, and upscale dining of all cuisines. Living as a college student in Boulder, our options can sometimes be more limited. Yes, there is an abundance of sandwich, snack, and pizza shops but, if we want something a little different, where are we supposed to go without burning a hole in our wallets. Next time you’re on the hill and feel like trying something new, stop by the food court on the hill, right on College Avenue. A much overlooked storefront with a lot to offer. Once heading down the steps to this basement dining court, you are greeted by all kinds of ethnic food options, my favorites being Thai Avenue and Gurkhas.

            Thai Avenue is a family owned Thai restaurant that delivers excellent cuisine at an affordable price.  Whether in the mood for a good pad thai (an entrée sized order goes for $6.65) , an order of spring rolls, or something a little off the beaten path, Thai Avenue is your place. Even better than there regular great steals? Thai Avenue’s lunch special. Offered Monday thru Friday from 11:30-3:00, you can order an entrée, appetizer, and drink for only $7.95.

            Another excellent option while in the food court, is Gurkhas, a rare find on a college campus. This Indian/Nepalese restaurant has two locations in Boulder and has received four and half out of five stars on yelp.com, so it would be a shame to not take advantage of such an opportunity. Although a little pricier than Thai Avenue, it’s still do-able on a college budget. Gurkhas offers all kind of noodle dishes, and classic Indian meals such as Chicken Tikki Masala ($10.99). At Gurkhas, customers are allowed to add as much sizzle to their dish as they’d like. Each entrée is customized with spice on a scale of 1-5. If you’re feeling extra spicy, the larger the number the better. One thing you shouldn’t miss out on is the Buttered Naan, a traditional Indian bread for $2.
            Next time you’re in the mood for something a little different, make sure to check out one of these two excellent locations. Sometimes it’s nice to get away, and these four short steps will take you way out of typical college dining and into a flavorful ethnic experience. 

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