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Martha Obermiller: Setting the Bar High

Have you ever wondered what more you could do to get involved on campus? Take a quick look at Martha Obermiller if you need some inspiration. This International Affairs major with a focus in Latin America, minor in Ethnic Studies with a multicultural leadership certificate has a list of activities and credentials that would make most college students speechless.

Martha is an elected representative for the Representative and Legislative Council in the CU Student Government.  For those of you who don’t know much about the student government, ours is the most powerful in the nation and controls a budget of 37 million dollars! So next time you’re worried about a midterm just think about having the responsibility of allocating millions of dollars for student services, writing bills and proposing resolutions that change the course of the entire student body’s college life. But this girl is just getting started; student government is only one of her extensive laundry list of activities.

Last week Martha helped organize a campus protest getting student voices heard and demanding action from the administration. It focused on student issues that are very real but often brushed under the rug such as race, diversity, safety and inclusion on our campus as well as the very pertinent issue of sky rocketing student debt and tuition, an issue I am sure we can all get on board with. If you are interested in learning more about the group created in line with this protest it is called Declaration of Human Rights to Take Back Our Campus. As if this wasn’t enough Martha also participates in various clubs like the Cultural Events Board, CU Fly Fishing Club, Boulder Freeride and many more.

So what’s next for this go-getter? This summer she’ll be working in Boulder making money for her travels next semester in South America where she has been accepted to a Buenos Aires study abroad program. She will also be working on an online vintage boutique with one of her friends before she heads off for some spicy South American adventures.

Martha is a fun, fashionable, smart and focused CU celebrity and personally I could not think of a better college co-ed to represent our CU Buffs! So hats off to you Martha keep doing what you’re doing and setting the bar high.

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