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Make a Difference With These Eight Charitable (& Adorable) Brands

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

More and more consumers every year are valuing sustainability and social responsibility as a part of their list when it comes to shopping criteria. It’s a growing trend that’s here to stay, meaning we’ll probably start seeing more sustainable & socially conscious companies pop up in the near future. And even I’ll admit, I consider sustainability and social responsibility when I shop for products now, so you can imagine my excitement every time I discover a brand that I not only love, but gives back.

Here’s how you can make a difference with these eight charitable & adorable brands.

Save our Butterfly 

The name of the brand says it all. This charming little online shop sells butterfly jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and anklet bracelets in an effort to help restore the diminishing population of monarch butterflies. The brand has partnered up with a non-profit called Save our Monarchs, which plants milkweeds to help restore the monarch population while providing funds for research and education. What’s cool about this brand is every jewelry piece sold signifies an “adoption of a butterfly,” so you’ll get a “certificate of adoption,” along with your purchase.

Shelley Cove

Shelly Cove is almost identical to the prominent apparel brand, Ivory Ella, except this store donates a part of their profit towards the Karen Beauty Sea Turtle Hospital, where injured or sick sea turtles are rescued, rehabilitated, and released. Beyond this hospital, they support other causes as well, such as food banks, wildfire support, and clean water initiatives. Here you can find cute accessories, long sleeves, t-shirts, and hoodies with the brand’s cute logo and prints plastered all over them.


Clean ingredients, exclusion of parabens, and no animal-based ingredients are just some of the admirable qualities of Skylar’s products. This brand sells these beautiful and minimalist-looking lotions and perfumes with scents inspired by nature like “salt air” and “meadow”. A part of their proceeds goes towards Step Up, a non-profit dedicated to providing mentorship for underprivileged high school girls

Wholesome Culture 

Wholesome Culture is a brand that sells apparel for both men & women, with all of their clothing designed after elements of nature. They offer products such as tees, sweatshirts, long sleeves, intimates, bottoms, and other accessories. There are more products for women than men, but their profits help support different animal rescues and environmental organizations like the Riley Farm Rescue and Woodstock Sanctuary. Not only that, but all their products include biodegradable packaging and are created ethically.

The Causebox

An all-in-one seasonal subscription box, the Causebox features six to eight personally curated products including jewelry, clothing, personal care products, cookware, and other lifestyle items. A box is sent out every three to four months, and every product is sourced from a socially conscious brand. Causebox works towards goals like poverty alleviation and women empowerment, and they regularly partner with different charities to raise funds and awareness.

Flower by Edie Parker

As a high-end headshop, Flower by Edie Parker aims to make cannabis fashionable and fun with their colorful lighters, trays, pipes, t-shirts, and rolling papers. The brand has teamed up with numerous different organizations such as City Meals on Wheels, The Bail Project, No Kid Hungry, and the Tiger Foundation. Their most notable partnership, however, is with the Women’s Prison Association, an organization that helps women and families reintegrate into life after incarceration. 

The Tote Project

The Tote Project offers a variety of organic and fairtrade pouches and tote bags with designs ranging from cute animal graphics to simple nature designs to food-themed. The brand’s profit goes towards sex trafficking survivors and those at risk, while every item produced is ethically manufactured because they’re also sewn by human trafficking survivors. 

Gift Hope of Haiti 

When you shop at this brand, you’re helping so many artisans and Haitians rise out of poverty. Gift Hope of Haiti partners with the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, where they’re able to employ Haitians with pay higher than the minimum wage and support local artisans. Their products include home goods, apparel, bags, accessories, jewelry, and items for children.

Beyond the opportunity to give back to the community by opting to buy from these brands, you’re also receiving higher quality and value for your purchases. Of course, that also means you’re agreeing to pay for a higher price tag, but it’s all worth it if it helps make a difference in the world.

Jessica Nguyen

CU Boulder '21

Jessica is currently a senior at the Leeds School of Business and is majoring in Marketing with a certificate in Creative Technology and Design. She is a big lover of all things art and music, and when she’s not in class or hitting the books, you’ll most likely find her petting other people’s dogs, making a baking disaster in the kitchen, or daydreaming about Paris.
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