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Lovers at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Couple’s Themed Outfit Ideas 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

A mere five days before my sixth birthday, on the adored autumn day of Oct. 24, 2006, Taylor Swift dropped her Debut album and my sweet, innocent life changed forever. Little did I know that the imaginary lovers, pretend breakups, made-up feelings, and immense dreams I had come up with based on her first four albums would become so real, so gut wrenching, and so vivid. I grew up as she did, as we all did, learning about life and always having her newest (and oldest) lyrics to run to. My long story short: every imaginary heartbreak of mine turned into true love — who is escorting me to our very first Taylor Swift concert at the happy, free, confusing age of 22. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a beautiful fate, so of course, we have to honor this love with an incredible couple’s Eras Tour outfit. 

If you are going to the Eras Tour with your significant other and want to dress accordingly to your favorite Era while highlighting the magic between you two, consider these outfit ideas I have brainstormed based on my personal favorite love songs from each album. 

  • *Big Disclaimer: a concert outfit, especially when coordinating two people, is very personal, unique, and special to each person…they are also incredibly hard to come up with! Take these ideas in bits and pieces, and always add your own comfort and flare! 


I always knew I was bound to be such a hopeless romantic because “Stay Beautiful” continuously had me blushing like a new Rare Beauty launch. For this reason and with this outfit idea, on night two of the Eras Tour in Denver, my sweet boyfriend will be turned into our beloved Cory. On a beautiful white button-down shirt, the front will have customized designs of brown eyes among a jungle — underneath, a shirt with a customized smile, designed as a radio. On the back of the button-down will be a gemstone design of a door, with the quote, “I’ve found everything I looked for.” Of course, since this is Debut, the outfit would be completed with boot-cut jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy belt. 

For me, a white dress when dressing for Debut is a necessity, as well as some white cowgirl boots, but I need my fellow Swifties to understand the references of the song, so, to a gorgeous white dress, I would add polaroid pictures of my boyfriend with safety pins (the pictures that I saved for a rainy day). On each polaroid, I would write the lyrics of the song, with “the highlight of my day” being the most visible in the front. 


This night is going to be an absolute fairytale for me; perhaps we’ll dress like it! If we were to dress for “Fearless,” which is also a country album, so straight off the bat, we would be wearing our cowboy boots and my boyfriend his cowboy belt, but we would dress the way Taylor described in “Today Was a Fairytale.” My boyfriend, my prince, would wear his crown and dark grey t-shirt. Easy and so obvious. 

I would be wearing a golden-yellow dress with a corset, a “Love Story” vibe to it, and I would add jewels across the front of it to say, “Can you feel this magic in the air?” And as his princess, I will also have on my crown.

Speak Now

“Speak Now” is the most fun era, in my opinion, just complete vibes and sizzling hot tea as a ten-year-old Swiftie. But in honor of the never-ending theme of love, we would reference “Sparks Fly” in our outfits. My boyfriend would wear a tremendously sparkly shirt, with hints of purple and red, with the play on lyrics “I’m captivated by her, (arrow pointing at me) like a firework show.” This could be paired with some jean shorts and sneakers. 

For this outfit, I would simply wear a dupe of the dress that Taylor wore when singing this song during her Speak Now World Tour, the fringey, sparkly dress. 


I personally think that the Red Era is both the easiest and hardest era to dress in accordance with as a couple. To me, the most endearing love song on Red is “Starlight.” I think it’s beautiful, the idea of two people deciding to have fun together in the most outrageous, memorable ways. Since everyone that night says this song “was dressed to the nines,” my boyfriend would be dressed in a fancy red shirt, fancy dress slacks, and dress shoes.

I would wear a darling, white, two-piece set with pearls, red lipstick, and red cowboy boots. Both of our outfits would be decked out with glitter or gems or sparkles, whichever material allows us to create the best outfit inspired by starlight to make this outfit. For more fun, we might attach five baby dolls to each of us to symbolize the 10 children we can have who we would teach how to dream.


“1989” is the album, for me at least, that helped me through my first real heartbreak and real feelings — so the fact that I am in a place in my life now where the two most loving songs on that album are the ones I relate to most is magical to me. In the song “This Love,” the lyrics say how “this love is glowing in the dark,” so both of our outfits would be made with glow-in-the-dark material. My boyfriend would have writing on his shirt that says, “…good. …bad. …alive back from the dead.” My dress would have the lyrics that continue for his shirt that say, “this love came back to me.” 

This outfit was a little bit difficult for me to conceptualize, so this idea is a very blank canvas to explore further. 


I’ve seen a lot of people say that “Reputation” is honestly more of an album about love than “Lover” is. I would agree, but not too much because I think that both are magnificent love stories with different feelings that conceived each one. For the Reputation Era outfits, I think it is easiest to just dress in accordance with the theme of the Era. For my boyfriend, this looks like a black polo shirt with some chains hanging around his neck and black jeans that we are going to DIY with a snake design.

My outfit for reputation would be very dark and feminine with designed or fishnet tights with a gorgeous satin black two-piece set with a snake DIY design going along the skirt. 


Now, of course, lovers would all look so good dressed in the theme of the Lover Era. Two songs stand out to me on “Lover” to be the most positively gut-wrenching lyrical works I’ve heard. The first and easiest one to emulate for the Eras Tour is “Paper Rings,” in which both my boyfriend and I would have paper rings wrapped around both of our ring fingers. Secondly, we would emulate the song “Daylight” in our outfits, as well. My boyfriend would wear a pink polo shirt, but he would leave it open and underneath it would be a shirt with the names of the colors, black, white, and red, crossed out with a golden heart in the middle with the sunshine in the middle of that. This will emulate the lyrics that “love is not black-and-white” and “love is not burning red” rather it is “golden like daylight.”

My dress would be a beautiful pink and whimsical piece that has a golden heart in the middle as well, with the lyrics “like daylight” written within the heart. 

Taylor Swift folklore


This outfit is the one that inspired me to write this entire article because the idea of it is just so adorable to me. From “Folklore,” the song, “Invisible String” is the prettiest rendition of the story of soulmates I think has ever been created. My boyfriend would wear a simple teal-colored T-shirt with a design of yogurt to symbolize the yogurt shop that he “used to work at to make a little money.”

My dress will be a simple day dress that I could honestly be caught wearing at a park in New York City, but one that also follows the aesthetic of “Folklore.” And to wrap this outfit together, both my boyfriend and I would be connected by a single thread of gold… the one which led us to each other — our invisible string.


If dressing according to “Evermore,” I am pretty sure a beautiful flannel is absolutely needed — unless you dress as an entire Willow Tree. Both my boyfriend and I would be wearing flannels. Then my boyfriend would be wearing a shirt under his that says “long story short…” and jean shorts in which we would DIY to have the design of a seashore. 

My matching outfit would be a beautiful shirt under my flannel that says “I’m all about you,” and my skirt would be in a material design of waves to showcase how “my waves meet your shore, ever and evermore.” 


There are honestly so many things you can wear in accordance with the Midnights’ Era as a couple, but honestly, sometimes simple and adorable is the most convincing bet. My boyfriend would wear customized, decked-out jeans that we would draw on Midnight’s designs, and a simple shirt that says “karma” because, well, “Karma is my boyfriend.”

Due to the simplicity of my boyfriend’s stylish outfit, I would wear an incredibly extravagant two-piece set that is full of jewels and bedazzles and sparkles to emulate The Midnight sky.

All Eras

Of course, a couple’s outfit can resemble every single Era of all 10 of Taylor Swift’s Eras. I think the most fun part about going to a concert, especially Taylor Swift, especially for the Eras Tour, is deciding what to wear, creating it, and being completely obsessed with your concert outfit. Sit down with your significant other — whether they are a Swifty as well or just a Swifty lover — and decide together on how you both can put all of these themes, Eras, and colors into one coherent matching outfit. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

I am so excited to decide on one of the billion ideas in my head and to create this experience with the one I love most. I hope you and yours find some inspiration here. The most important things to remember about your outfit are to wear shoes that won’t hurt your feet and to make enough friendship bracelets for every friendly smile you may see.

Gabriela Guevara

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I am passionate about happiness and the freedom for people to feel love. As I am working towards a degree in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, & eventually law, I hope to inspire people to reflect, learn, and spread light. Thank you for reading my words! xoxo