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Love for Hue: The Application Process

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To dye or not to dye? That is the question of the summer. Whether you’re going from blonde to blonder or from brown to red, it’s not an easy decision to make, and there’s so much more to consider than color: what’s your budget, how is this going to affect your hair, should you go to a salon or DIY it, and more. And then there’s the issue of whether or not you like the look. Dying your hair can be akin to getting a haircut, and a wrong haircut can really mess you up. The solution? Love for Hue Semi-Permanent Hair Cream.

Not Your Mother’s newest addition to their haircare line is a semi-permanent hair dye. Made with sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, this product nourishes and hydrates your hair while adding a fun splash of color to your everyday look.

Love for Hue comes in eight vibrant colors: Think Pink, Cherry Kiss, Emerald Envy, Violet Vibes, Sapphire Sass, Coral Sunset, Silver Lining, and Copper Blaze; and they last 4-6 washes. It’s incredibly easy to apply, you could do it yourself or, like I did, let your sister apply it while watching “Notting Hill” on Netflix. 

In the box, you’ll have everything you need: gloves, a brush, the hair cream, and an instruction manual as well as a shade chart, which shows you how each shade will look on different hair colors. This was especially helpful for me because I have such dark hair.

Love for Hue Application

To get started, make sure you have all you need. Like I said, the box has all the supplies, but you’ll need to grab a plastic bowl you don’t mind sacrificing for beauty, a hair clip to section your hair, and a towel or cape to wrap around your shoulders which you don’t mind getting dye on. I also suggest getting a wide-tooth comb to brush through your hair with the product on to even out the application.

It’s better to apply the dye on clean, dry, and knot-free hair. I washed my hair the night before, and I combed through it until the brush glided through my hair. 

Sectioning your hair is great whether you want to dye your whole head or just sections of it. It allows you to ensure the best coverage and an even application of the product. 

Be sure to set a timer and start the 30-minute wait after you’ve finished. When you rinse your hair out, I suggest just getting your head wet, that way you don’t risk getting hair dye on your clothes before or after the shower. Scrunch your hair to get as much excess water as you can, and wrap your hair in a towel or old t-shirt before drying it. 


Things to Keep in Mind While Dying Your Hair

1) Love for Hue doesn’t need you to bleach your hair unless your hair is darker than light brown (the darkest shade on their shade chart). My hair is black, and I tried their Cherry Kiss on my hair, and it does not show, even in the sun.

2) Damp hair will transfer the hair dye onto your clothes! Even if it’s the second wash, be conscious about what clothes you wear if you like letting your hair air dry. If not, you’ll be like me, walking around Pearl St with red dots on your white shirt. 

3), Love for Hue comes in a resealable package, which allows you to do the allergy test at least two days before you dye your hair, save whatever leftover product you have, and reapply to refresh your color between washes. 

You can buy your own bottle of Love for Hue at Not Your Mother’s website, which has more information on the product, and all the colors of Love for Hue. It’s also available at Target, both online and in-store. 

Happy Dyeing!

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