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Lindsey Williams: A Star of CU Express

Cheering her buffs on at every football game, Lindsey Williams is a member of our very own CU Express dance team.  One of 23 members, Lindsey conditions, practices and supports her school with bubbly enthusiasm and loyal dedication.  
A junior majoring in communications, Lindsey is originally from Phoenix, Arizona.  And when she isn’t dancing she is leading a youth group for eighth grade girls and loves it.  She also participates in the National Society of College Scholars.  
Lindsey has been dancing since she was eight years old.  Feeling a bit burned out by it she did not try out for the team her freshman year at CU.  “I’ve danced my whole life and took freshmen year off and missed it so much I had to go back to it!” said Lindsey.  Now in her second year on the dance team couldn’t imagine day to day life with out her team, “The great thing about this team is that when you are down or struggling you have 22 other girls to pick you up and help push you through.  It is also just as rewarding when you can be there for your teammates,” said Lindsey.
After taking sixth place in the pom category and eighth place in the jazz category at nationals last year, CU Express has proven themselves as a highly competitive team.  “Nationals preparation is the hardest part of being on this team.  It is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting, but yet so rewarding,” said Lindsey.  The team will travel to Florida in the beginning of January to take part in nationals.  
After appearances, practices, game day and work outs, Lindsey spends the larger portion of her week with her teammates and she couldn’t be more thankful for them, “The lasting relationships and friendships I have made with the women who share my passion for dance is the most amazing thing!” said Lindsey.  In the future Lindsey hopes to attend graduate school or possibly law school.  She would also like to dance on a professional team during this time.
When asked why she enjoyed dancing for CU Lindsey replied, “It is so much bigger than dancing for yourself or for your high school.  It is fufilling to know I am representing my university that I love so much!”

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