The Life of a College Student, as told by the Sanderson Sisters

The Life of a College Student as told by, The Sanderson Sisters


Welcome to spooky season Y'all, It’s finally time for scary movies and classics like Hocus Pocus. Since we’ve entered my favorite time of year and Hocus Pocus happens to be my favorite Halloween movie I’ve decided to depict college based on my favorite Hocus Pocus quotes.

Waking up for 8 am Classes


When your professor lets you leave lecture early


When your professor asks if anyone has any questions and everyone looks confused


Just life in general


When you stress over midterms and someone tells you to “Calm down”


When you see a cute guy on campus


When it rains on your way to class


Waking up from a very long nap


When someone sits way to close to you in lecture


Getting grades back instantly on an exam


And the forever mood


I hope you all enjoyed this little article about my favorite witchy sisters. Before I go I wanted to give a little piece of advice. Do NOT whatsoever light a black flame candle if your a virgin...unless you want to spend your halloween with the sanderson sisters.

But it's just a bunch of hocus pocus right?


xo - Michaela