The Latest Fad of 2015: Hoverboards


If you’re on any type of social media or just happen to walk among the CU campus from time to time, you have probably noticed the emergence of a new device that occasionally takes up the bike lanes – the 2-wheeled hoverboard. For those who might not know what it is, a “hoverboard” is defined as an electric self-balancing scooter. Think of it as a hands-free Segway. 

They’re the latest trends within the celebrity world, as stars such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and even Usain Bolt have been seen riding them in various places. Billionaire Mark Cuban claims that he is the original owner of the product, investing in them initially. While they are receiving media attention, the devices have caused frequent police attention, as they are illegal to ride on pavement or public parts of many places. There are also numerous videos of people injuring themselves while using them. So why do people bother to purchase the boards?


Costing between $200 to $800, or even more on online, they are described as a “new fashion short-distance travel”. The boards are highly popular among the younger generation of kids, and it can be analogous to what we 90s kids had as razor scooters or rollerblades. CU Boulder student Makaela Walters describes them as “fresh and cool”, stating that she would buy one if she could. Others, such as Texas A&M student Adrienne Agana, claim that they make the human race look “lazy” and are “overpriced”. In the active town that Boulder is, it is odd and surprising seeing people ride around on them in between classes (as opposed to walking). But if you’re looking for a new, “fresh” way to get around campus and have over $200 to drop, why not buy a one?