The Last 3 Weeks of the Semester, As Told By the Kardashians

It’s finally that time of the semester where everything is hitting you at once. You’re so close yet so far away from the finish line. Here’s a way to get through it with some of the funniest Kardashian gifs!

When you get back from Thanksgiving break and finally realize all of the responsibilities you put off all week.

When all your professors are assigning final projects, papers and assignments all at once.

When your friends have free time and ask if you want to hangout and do stuff, but you’re drowning in work.

When it’s time to start actually studying for finals, and you realize you haven’t paid attention in lecture all semester.

When you ace your finals and realize you actually do have your shit together.

When you are at the airport going home to your dog, family, bed and showers without shoes.

Push through these last few weeks!!!! This is the toughest part of the semester but with a lot of coffee, confidence and Kardashians, you will get through it. Keep working hard and doing your best, you got this!

XOXO, HerCampus

All Gif's from Google Image Search