Kill 'Em With Kindness

   Every day we should radiate positivity. Or at least try to. We should put nothing but kindness out into the world. When I wake up in the morning, I always think of how I can make today better than yesterday.



   One simple way to turn that wishful thinking into reality, is through acts of kindness. Each day complete one act of kindness and your life will be infinitely better. Not only does making someone else smile, make us in fact smile, but it sparks this mutual feeling of goodness.



   I think that at times, we are so consumed with our own busy, fast paced lives that we forget that the individuals around us have lives of their own. They have excitement, they have worries and doubts, they have relief, and they have frustrations. Realising this and becoming more self-aware of the lovely humans around us is key.



   Some acts of kindness don’t even cost a penny and only take a few minutes. Hold the door open for someone, tell someone you love their laugh, talk to the stranger next to you on a plane, leave a note on a person’s windshield telling them to “have a great day”, or volunteer with your family!



All these little things add up to something much bigger than ourselves. Be kind and make today better than yesterday.