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Jumping for June Threads


We all have that one friend who is a fashion guru, a trend setter, the one you always have distress your new jeans, game day tees, and band shirts. Well, Bree Cevaal is that friend for all of the fashion forward girls here at CU Boulder. Not only does Bree know fashion, she designs it, creates it, and sells it through her newly-founded clothing line: June Threads. I sat down with Bree and got the inside scoop on her plans and aspirations for June Threads, what she’s working on now, and how we can get our hands on her fresh and fashionable pieces.



1. So before we dive into all the ins and outs of your business, let’s talk about you! Where are you from, what do you do for fun, what are some fun facts about you!?

Hi! My name is Bree Cevaal and I am from Boulder, CO. I absolutely love to shop, I seriously have an online shopping addiction because that’s all I do all day every day! I am 20 years old and started my fashion business at age 19. I’m seriously so passionate about my business and spend a lot of my free time working on it! I love hanging out with my friends and am always in the mood for Chinese food!



2. What’s your year in school & what are you studying here at CU.

I am currently a Junior however, I am graduating in May! I’ve been very busy trying to graduate a year early and I’m taking 19 credits this semester which has been a little overwhelming! I am majoring in media production and minoring in communications.

3. Do you feel like your area of study has contributed to the success of June Threads  

To be honest, no. I have always been into making clothes for football games and clothes for myself and realized one day that I should actually make it my life and start a business  I wish I could have majored in something like advertising, marketing or business because it has definitely been hard trying to figure it out on my own. But I have amazing friends and such an awesome support system that is always willing to help me which is something I’m very thankful for.

4. What else are you involved in on campus?

I am in the Alpha Phi sorority here on CU Campus!

5. When did you first begin working on June Threads?

I first began in Fall of 2016. It was really funny because I honestly woke up one day and decided I was going to start a clothing business and ever since that day I have been working on it as much as possible trying to launch my website.

6. What was your inspiration for starting a clothing company?

I made shirts for football games and all my friends would always tell me how cool they were and how they would pay for stuff like it. That gave me the idea to start my own business and push myself to create other styles of clothing.

7. Where did you come up with such a cute name?

I was actually sitting in class thinking of names and texting my current roommate about my name ideas, she liked “June Threads” the best and so that’s what I went with. My middle name is June and then I added threads to give it more of a trendy and stylistic name. It sounded good together and I guess it just stuck!

8. How would you describe the style of products June Threads puts out?

It’s street style and going out clothing. I love Los Angeles and it gives me a lot of inspiration for clothing. I think that June Threads is very fun and flirty, and stylish. I love crop tops and bodysuits and comfy clothes so that’s definitely something that I want to incorporate in my future lines.

9. What do you think is your most popular product?

As of right now, it’s these strapless tops I made for game day. They say “Sko buffs” and a lot of people have been asking if I’ve made any more of them! Didn’t expect them to be that big of a popular product so I definitely want to make some more CU stuff for game days.


10. What goes into the manufacturing and design process of all your products?

So currently I’m talking to a couple manufacturers who are going to make my actual designs of clothing. Then I’m going to get some wholesale to put on my website as well!

11. Can we find June Threads in any local shops or boutiques?

I don’t have any merchandise in stores. However I will be having a pop-up shop at the Buffalo Exchange on September 28th from 5PM-8PM and it will be the only time that I will be selling June Threads prior to the launch of my website in January.

12. How would you define the meaning behind the brand?

June Threads is clothing that makes you feel good, it’s edgy but trendy and it’s fun clothes that you can pair with lots of items. It’s something new and fresh!

13. What’s the best way for potential new customers to shop your product?

Besides the pop up shop, unfortunately I won’t be selling many things until my website release in January so they will have to stay tuned!

14. How would you describe your personal style and how much do you think it influences your brand?

My personal style is very “extra” as my friends and family like to call it. I love getting dressed up and getting ready everyday. I’m all about looking cute yet comfortable. I love wearing fun shorts with a cute top or leggings. I love brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger to pair with jeans etc. I’m all about staple items yet very simple items as well! The simpler the better! I also love the color black and pretty much wear it all day every day. I will have a lot of black items on my website for sure!

15. What are your long term goals for June Threads?

My goal is to eventually start a shop or just for it to do really well online. I just love designing clothes and being my own boss. I have such a vision for June Threads and just hope that it will be a hit when it launches!

16. Where do you draw your inspiration for your designs?

I honestly just think about clothes all day and am always thinking of different designs and styles ot make. I find a lot of it from LA and just the vibe that I get down there gives me lot’s of motivation!


17.  Did you have any experience in fashion, design, business ownership of fashion merchandising before you started June Threads?

Zero experience. which actually makes me laugh because if you would have told me years ago that I would start a clothing business I probably would have laughed in your face. This dream came out of nowhere but it has turned into something that I’m so passionate about and I’m so excited to see where it takes me.

18.  Describe your creative process

I just get ideas in my head and then make them! For example, I was going to Mexico this past summer with my Mom and I thought of this really cute outfit that would look really good for dinner. It was high waisted really flowy pants with a tight strapless crop top and I ended up just making it that day for the trip!

20. How do you overcome a creative-slump or lack of motivation?

My friends and family are extremely supportive and are always motivating me. But also, having people reach out to me and tell me that they like my clothes or when they ask when my website will launch gets me extremely motivated just knowing that people out there want to buy my stuff. It’s very exciting

21. How do you stay successful and organized as a young business owner and college student?

I never really go out and party which helps me stay very organized and on top of things. I’m very disciplined, that makes me work very hard and keep deadlines so that I know I’m working towards a goal. I also really stay on top of my homework during the week and usually set the weekends aside for June Threads.

22. Tell me about a project you’ve completed that has made you the most proud?

I think it will be the Pop up shop with the Buffalo Exchange, I ordered a bunch of vintage rock and roll shirts and spend a few weekends altering them and lacing them up etc. That will be a huge accomplishment for me when it’s over!

23. What is your definition of fashion?

Fashion to me is just whatever you want it to be. My fashion perspective is different from my friends and that’s what makes it so fun! Everyone has their own things they like and it’s always fun to mix and match pieces. I love finding new things and just having fun with it!

24. Who is your target clientele?

My target clientele is college students and men and women in their 20’s. I plan on launching a men’s line a little later in 2018!

25. What is one last thing you want everyone to know about June Threads?

I want them to know that June Threads is such a dream of mine and I hope that everyone can enjoy it! I’ve had so many people doubt me and tell me that what I was doing was way over my head but I continue to work hard and it’s been incredible watching all my plans for June Threads come true and that continues to motivate me! Never give up on your dream!


We are simply jumping to get our hands on some of these incredible pieces from June Threads. If you just can’t wait til the June Threads website launch in January be sure to stop by Bree’s pop-up shop at the Buffalo Exchange Buffalo Exchange in Boulder CO on September 28th 5PM-8PM! This is the ONLY time that June Threads will be selling clothes prior to the website launch!


Be sure to follow @junethreads on instagram


Lauren is currently majoring in Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences and minoring in Business in the Leeds School of Business, Leadership in the LSM Program, and Women and Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Colorado Boulder. On campus Lauren currently holds the position of Her Campus CU Boulder's Chapter President and Campus Correspondent. She also acts as an Aerie Real on campus ambassador, held the position of  Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep for CU for the previous two years, and acts as the social media chairman and event coordinator for the PSICHI Psychology Honors Club within CU's Psychology department.  Outside of school Lauren founded and owns Empyreal Photography. When she's not looking through a camera lens or somewhere drinking chai, you can probably find her in a yoga class, petting a dog, or daydreaming about New York City.  
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