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Jack Polk ’18


Name: Jack Polk

Age: 20

Major: Undeclared Arts and Sciences

Hometown: Dover, Massachusetts 

Involvement at CU: CU Men's Lacrosse Team

Relationship Status: single


Describe yourself in three words: Hilarious, amazing, and modest

Hobbies: playing with my dogs, Comiskey and Otis. I like a good book- The Sneetches by Dr. Suess is my favorite. I love fine dining, hiking, and shopping as well.

How did you choose CU? I applied, got in and didn't know where I was going- I knew that I wanted a big school and somewhere I could play lacrosse, so here I am!

Favorite place to eat in Boulder: BJ's- hell of a menu

Guilty Pleasure: I'm obsessed with karaoke; Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire is my go-to.

What's your ideal first date? Whatever my girl wants to do

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction. Easy.

Turn On's: dog lovers, accents (anything but a Boston accent).

Turn Off's: When a girl is stronger than me.

Dream Job: NHL Hockey player.

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