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Megan Charles

It’s Aquarius Season

If you like to read horoscopes, have you ever considered reading a little more? It can be part of a self-care routine to take a moment and periodically think about yourself, your energy, and what’s next for you. You spend your energy on a hundred little things in your day, and that adds up over time. I like astrology because it makes me think about things that are bigger than myself and think about my place in the universe. To me, astrology means that the energy of the people around us and the world in general is changing all the time and I get to focus on good energy, even in difficult circumstances.

Even though Aquarius rules a different house for each of us, the season still has overall impacts on us and on the collective, aka the world. You can get your own birth chart and find out where Aquarius is impacting you on many different websites or apps! And remember, I am not an astrologer who works with this information professionally, but you are welcome to seek out personalized assistance and learn more about your chart.

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Aquarius energy is revolutionary and forward-thinking. It’s time to collaborate, push the envelope, and shake off the dust and despondency that may have hung around the end of last year. An important piece of collaboration is friendship!

We all know how hard it is given that we are in a global pandemic, but it’s more important now than ever that you reach out. You have people in your life who love you and it can be challenging now to feel connected to others, but let this be your sign. Shoot that person a text. Schedule a Zoom and movie party, bring your own snacks. We aren’t made to do life alone.

[bf_image id="73kjx7trsp5x9hx43xnpj"] We did hot girl summer, how about quirky girl winter? Aquarius is absolutely the weird, offbeat, visionary energy that may be buried inside you. Let her out! Stay open to radical, original ideas. Maybe you are about to write the next great TikTok musical. Too eccentric? No worries, that’s not for everyone, and the universe knows it. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not this season. Aquarius is both creative and “fixed” so yes, at first glance, it’s a little kooky, but there is a precise and dedicated zen in the workflow. It’s just as fun to finish a project as it is to daydream about it.

Finally, emotions can run high in times of change. It’s no secret that world affairs are a little rocky right now. What is that doing to your inner peace? Maybe this season it feels like you want to take charge of it and explore your own sense of activism. There are things you can do safely indoors to use your voice for change. You can also spend time reading, listening, and learning so that when you are more comfortable going out in the world, you are prepared to change it. Does that feel overwhelming? Then don’t worry about it right now. Suppressing your feelings is not the way to move through Aquarius season. You also can’t play it cool like nothing is wrong, that won’t make you feel better in the long run. Regularly checking in with yourself is key. Asking for help from your community. Meditating, resting, and taking care of yourself is key, however that looks for you at the start of a new semester.

[bf_image id="7c4pshw3vzx896hcqxhgbf4"] It can be hard to get yourself back on track for school when so many things still feel weird or when so many things you might have had planned are currently on pause. But you are growing now in ways that you don’t know about yet, you are building toward success that you haven’t imagined yet. The world needs you and your magic! May this be the year that you discover a new power inside yourself.

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