Instagram Outfits to Copy ASAP

Being stuck in quarantine has made me want to do nothing except for shop online. Instagram fashion is the window shopping we need in isolation. Here are some of the cutest Instagram outfits that I want to recreate ASAP.

  1. 2. Cream Satin Blouse

    This look is iconic! The top is sold out on the website but are we shocked? I am still on the hunt for a similar blouse because that is stunning. 

  2. 4. Animal Print Midi Skirt

    Whoever decided animal print is in had it right. The unfinished hem on the tank and the slit in the skirt is the perfect combination of flirty and sexy! 

  3. 5. Black Blouse

    This effortless look is fabulous for any season but she looks summer-ready with the loafers and short-sleeved blouse. All I have to say

Soon enough we’ll be able to shop in person again and live our best lives, but right now we can dream and admire these amazing looks!