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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Hey ladies! Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I find it hard to discover Insta-worthy locations for my cute photos. If you have this problem too, look no further! As a photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for new places to shoot and thought I’d share. So grab your gal pals, jump in a car, take a break from school, and curate that Instagram!

Wonder Wonder

If you haven’t already been here, this is an art exhibit curated to the art of taking selfies. It has rooms filled with fun props, great backgrounds and fun times! In my personal opinion, Wonder Wonder is meant for cellphone photography, rather than anyone using a DSLR! If you are planning on bringing a camera, make sure to bring a flash!

Wonder Juice Press

Following the “wonder” theme, Wonder Juice Press on Pearl Street is an adorable study spot and a great place for a friend to snap a pic of you drinking your cold-pressed juice, coffee, and tea. With diffused natural lighting and cute signs, it’s hard to go wrong.

Lost Gulch

Lost Gulch! Get out in nature, climb on some rocks, preferably don’t fall, and look at that view! Lost Gulch, just up Flagstaff Road, is a prime spot to catch playful times with friends. It is a heavily trafficked area and used by many photographers in Boulder for engagement photos. With a gorgeous outlook out on a forest and a view of the city while driving up, it’s the spot.

Parking Garage

“Was that a typo?” No! Parking garages in Boulder are great places to go for an urban feel. My personal favorite is the one off of 15th and Pearl. It offers great views of the Flatirons from the roof and fun stairs and banisters if you are feeling creative.

Sturtz & Copeland

A gardener’s dream. This place has constant diffused light, plants, and more plants! This space is perfect for some casual photos of you admiring the greenery or you casually looking off into the distance. Since this a business, it’s always important to be polite, and I generally call before heading over. And for businesses like this, they always appreciate a shoutout on the ‘gram!

I hope everyone’s semester is going well! Now get out there and create some content for your Instagram! 

xoxo, noelle

Noelle Ireland

CU Boulder '22

Aspiring lifestyle and fashion photographer and student at CU Boulder. Hoping to empower women and be empowered by others.
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