I Rated Five Different Christmas Episodes And Here's What I Noticed

According to the legendary OG host of “The Bitch Bible Podcast”, Jackie Schimmel, at the end of the day, everybody just wants to laugh. And I, Queen Cackler, completely and wholeheartedly agree with this statement. I also believe that there is nothing more needed this year than some laughter and some good ol’ fashioned holiday cheer. With that being said, I rated five of my favorite comedy Christmas episodes. Take my ratings as a grain of salt! I rated each episode based on festiveness, humor level, and overall episode mood. I encourage you all to rate some of your favorite Christmas episodes. It’s a fun mindless lazy afternoon activity. So get your family together, grab some gingerbread, and go give these episodes a watch!

  1. 1. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”: Season 6 Episode 13: “A Very Sunny Christmas” Rate: 9.3

    This episode is available on Hulu.*

    Being from an area in New Jersey right outside of Philadelphia, this episode holds a special place in my heart. While this episode is longer than other “It’s Always Sunny” episodes, you somehow manage to love it even more for that. The plotline is full of ups and downs, all of which will have your ribs cramping up. Charlie and Dee attempt to get revenge on their father, Frank, played by Danny Devito, for being a Christmas present flake. Whereas Charlie and Mac relive some classic and a bit unpleasant holiday memories from their childhoods. Whether it’s Dee and Charlie’s remake of “A Christmas Carol”, or Frank’s rude awakening brought to you by the “Rudolph the Reindeer” cast, you can ensure you’ll be getting your fill of classic holiday cheer...well sorta!

  2. 2. “How I Met Your Mother”: Season 8 Episode 12: “The Final Page Part 2” Rate: 9.5

    This episode is available on Hulu.*

    Now, this episode isn’t your typical Christmas episode for “How I Met Your Mother”. If you’re looking for that, check out, Season 2, Episode 11 “How Lily Stole Christmas.” This episode is set right before Christmas and involves some mistletoe tells the concluding tale of Barney and Robin’s love story. After a whirlwind of on and off romance amongst the duo for eight seasons, this episode will clear the air and change the course of the show forever. Also we stan our king and best example of a best friend, Ted Moseby for not only his corny puns, extra pronunciations of things but also his prime example of what a best friend should be. This wholesome episode will make your heart swell and most likely will make your eyes sweat a bit!

  3. 3. “The Mindy Project”: Season 1 Episode 8: “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party”  Rate: 8.8

    This episode is available on Hulu.*

    This episode scores higher in overall holiday vibe compared to the other shows I rated. The Christmas cheer, the bright lights, the Mariah Carey references, need I go on? You know what I’m saying go check it out. The beginning of this episode is comparable to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Extra Festive) by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber. While the end of this episode leaves us on more of a “Last Christmas” by Wham! Our favorite OBGYN, Dr. Mindy Lahiri experiences love and of course holiday heartbreak. However, your heart will be warmed by Dr. Danny Castellano’s countless efforts to save his best friend from her hurt. 

  4. 4. “The Office”: Season 5 Episode 11: “Moroccan Christmas”  Rate: 9

    This episode is available on Netflix.*

    While “The Office” has so many classic Christmas episodes I do have two favorites I will be rating. First, we have “Moroccan Christmas” where as head of the Party Planning Committee, Phyllis throws the office’s new and improved Moroccan themed Christmas party. This episode portrays your typical office Christmas party. You have Meredith getting blacked out drunk and accidentally lighting her hair on fire. Then there’s Dwight selling Princess Unicorn dolls under the table. The inevitable intervention portion of the evening. And for the grand finale, a quick trip to the local rehabilitation center, just for funsies(; You’ll be anything but bored when watching this episode! 

  5. 5. “The Office”: Season 6 Episode 13: “The Secret Santa” Rate: 9.2

    This episode is available on Netflix.*

    This is my favorite of all the Christmas episodes “The Office” has aired. This season’s Christmas party is centered around Phyllis being Santa, and that one is on feminism! Michael obviously isn’t happy about this and goes through the five stages of grief before reaching acceptance that he isn’t Santa this year. Aside from the gang finding out Dunder Mifflin is being sold, the episode is very cheery and comedic. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be laughing your butt off. And if Michael dressed as Jesus Christ doesn’t make you crack a smile, then Dwight and Andy’s concluding duet to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day will get you good!

Next time you’re bored I hope you think of this article and pop on a funny bright episode that will remind you that the holiday season is here, and while it may look a little different this year, it isn’t any less special. Happy holidays all! Go get your laugh on!