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How You Should Spend Spring Break – According to Your Horoscope

How You Should Spend Spring Break, According to your Horoscope


Spring Break is only a couple of days away, and everyone is trying to figure out the best way to spend it. We all deserve this week long break after midterms, so if you’re still unsure of how you should spend your precious free time, look no further. Sit back, relax, and let the stars guide you through your ideal Spring Break.

  • Aries

You’re a naturally energetic – and maybe even a little competitive – force, Aries. Take this week to release some of the energy you may have built up over the last stressful school week. Take up a new sport or hobby that gets you moving, and grab a group of friends that are down to run around with you! The sunshine and warm weather make this week perfect for a game of ultimate frisbee or soccer.

  • Taurus

Beauty and luxury minus well be this sign’s middle name. What better way to treat yourself than to splurge a little on some new beauty products? Take a trip down to your local LUSH store and browse their adorable new spring collection, or maybe stop into Sephora and take a peek at their latest arrivals. Whether you’re in the mood for a luxurious face mask or are in desperate need of a new eyeshadow palette, now is the time to #treatyoself.

  • Gemini

People might see you as a bit two-faced, Gemini, but we all know deep down you’re just a lovable and gentle soul. Take this time to show your besties how much you appreciate them. A movie night with your closest friends and some good snacks might be just what you need after midterms. If a night out on the town sounds more your speed, find the closest party and make some new friends – the more the merrier!

  • Cancer

You’re a deep soul, and sometimes that can weigh you down. For someone that feels all the emotions, having a week to yourself can be incredibly beneficial and can help you recharge for the rest of the semester. Give yourself a spa night – bubble baths, face or hair masks, a good book, and as many snacks as your heart desires. Whatever helps you wind down, this week is the week to let yourself sink into relaxation and make peace with your emotional side.

  • Leo

Leo, if anyone knows how to draw the eyes of a room, it’s you. Flaunt that dramatic and confident side of yourself and let loose a little this Spring Break! Hit up the hottest clubs or parties and don’t be afraid to dress to the nines. Your social life will thrive this week, so take advantage of your fiery personality and get wild! (Maybe not too wild – it is Spring Break after all.)

  • Virgo

If you’re a Virgo, you may find yourself a bit of a clean freak. Fortunately, that’s what spring was made for! Embrace the idea of “spring cleaning” and take some time to straighten up – whether it be your car, your room, or even just your purse or backpack. Cleaning promotes productivity, and getting it done now will ensure your free time can be spent doing more of the stuff you really love.

  • Libra

Libra, you’re the life of the party in any scenario, and sometimes this can cause you to be just a little indecisive. Who can blame you, with so many fun options around for Spring Break? Your ideal path for this year is to go with the flow. Tag along with some friends for a fun adventure in the mountains or to the beach, and maybe catch up with some other pals at night for a change of pace. You’re never short on friends with your sociable personality, so say “yes” to everything and see where the week will take you!

  • Scorpio

When things heat up, things heat up, Scorpio. This warm skin-baring weather may have you feeling a little flirty this coming week, so embrace it and see what kinds of fun you can find. Now is the week for you to figure out your style – if you’re in a relationship, plan a fun date night or adventure for you and your boo to make some memories. Crushin’ on someone? Gather your courage and ask them to tag along to a movie or party – you never know what could happen! Single Scorpios, the possibilities are endless for you. Don’t forget to be safe and let yourself have a good time!

  • Sagittarius

Everyone knows you as the free spirit, always flying around looking for the next biggest adventure. With the warm weather and no schedule, spring break is your time to shine. Grab a couple of good friends and some tents and make your way into the wilderness or up to the mountains – camping is the perfect activity for any Sag, and if you’ve never tried it, now is the perfect time. There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire with those you hold closest, and you never know what wild times you might find in the great outdoors.

  • Capricorn

Chances are you’ve spent the past week working your butt off with midterms, homework, and whatever else you have piled on your plate. Treat this spring break like just that – a break. Spending time with your family (if that’s something that would be good for you, that is) may help you wind down from hectic midterm season, or even just taking some time to yourself. Check in with your emotions and your mental state – are you happy? Are you where you need to be? Let yourself take a deep breath before jumping back into the rush of the school year.

  • Aquarius

Finally, a break from everyone. That might be what your impression of spring break is, Aquarius, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. This is the perfect week to let yourself become a bit of a hermit – get comfy on your couch, set up your Netflix, and grab all the snacks you’ll ever need. If you don’t move from your solitude for the next week, who cares? Taking some well-deserved “alone time” can be just what a person needs to recharge and relax. At least nobody will be there to judge you.

  • Pisces

You’re a water sign if there ever was one, Pisces. With the weather warming and the sun shining, you might find yourself beelining for the local pool or lake. Jump on in! A pool party to kick off the new season is the perfect way for you to get your social fill in. Whether tanning is more your style or you’re heading straight for the diving board, the pool is where everyone will find you this spring.

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