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How We Went To Vegas For The Week For Under $200

It’s so close, yet so far away until we finally go on a mini-break from school, and if you’re at all like us you’re probaly going stir crazy right about now! Well, we literally couldn’t wait to get away from the stresses of group projects, research papers and cold temperatures – so we ran away to Las Vegas for the week and only spent $100 each! Here’s how to go to Vegas while ballin’ on a budget ladies!

Fly With Frontier Or Spirit Airlines

We know that a lot of people associate these airlines with being “inferior,” but we associate these flights with being budget friendly, AF! The two of us were able to find round-trip tickets from Denver to Vegas for only $50 a person.

Denver is only an hour and a half flight to get to Sin City, so don’t stretch your budget on some bougie airline! Believe us, if you can sit in your class seat for that long without complaint, you can sit for that long on an airplane to your vacation.

Stay In The Budget Friendly Motels Off The Strip

Just because you aren’t staying at the fancy hotels, doesn’t mean you can’t visit the fancy hotels! We price compared our housing options before our trip and found that the fancy hotels like Planet Hollywood, or Caesar’s can cost up to $300 a night!

Rather than shelling out what’s essentially our entire college tuition on a hotel this trip, we opted to stay at the Ellis Island Hotel Casino and Brewery just a block away from the Strip. The motel cost us only $28 a night and we only had to walk a block before we were at the Flamingo. So not only did we not need to pay for the costs of Lyft/Uber, but we saved over 10x the cost than if we had stayed at one of the major player hotels!

Travel With JUST Your Girls, Or An Equal Number Of Girls To Guys

Let’s face it; the world can be a shallow place, and quite honestly there are few guaranteed perks that girls have over boys. Traveling in Vegas is one of those few guarantees.

Just walking down the street alone, we received front of the line, VIP access to over *30* different events happening in Vegas. Ladies, we quite literally got to see AND TALK TO Dillon Francis for FREE because we leaned against a wall and had a promoter ask if we’d like free table service. Hard life, huh? ;)

Skip The Blackjack Tables And Play Penny Slots Instead!

We knew that we wanted to gamble in Vegas, because, hey, when in Rome right? However, we knew we needed to be responsible when doing so. It’s so easy for people to go into the casino thinking that they’re being fiscally wise, only to walk away having lost it all.

The way we combated this was by designating a mere $20 to be set aside as our “gambling fund.” The $20 split between the two of us left us both with a sole $10 bill to gamble away to our heart’s content. The only way to make $10 go a long way is to play the penny slots! With a small 20 cent minimum bet, the two of us were able to play for quite some time, and while one of us would be losing money in the machine, the other would be making it! In the end, we walked away from the penny slots breaking even, but we’d still call this a win for our wallets, and we had a good time playing!

We hope that you have a blast during your trip to Sin City, and that these little hacks will help you maximize your budget while still having a blast! Safe travels, ladies!

Charly Taylor

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Charly Taylor is a Junior at CU Boulder (SKOOO BUFFS!) and is in her first semester writing for Her Campus! As a Los Angeles native, she is a huge connoisseur of sushi, burritos and avocado toast. When she's not hanging out with her friends, she's probably watching FRIENDS, or listening to My Favorite Murder.
Christina Cleveland is a Senior at CU Boulder studying Media Production, Sports Media and Journalism! Originally from DC, Christina has lived in Colorado for over five years after pursuing her career as a Senior National Figure Skater! In her free time, you can find her listening to Halsey, cuddling her pup-Calvin Klein, eating at one of her many favorite spots around Boulder, hanging out with her bestie-roomie or enjoying the incredible beauty Colorado has to offer!
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