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How to Stay Politically Active After the Midterm Elections

Who knew exercising your constitutional right to vote could be so trendy? During the beginning of November, you practically couldn’t step on campus, check social media or simply exist without hearing something about the midterm elections. Whether you found this to be annoying or motivational, the numbers prove an increase in college students voting this election.

Personally, I find enthusiasm behind voting encouraging. However, I worry that this positive social movement was only a fad among students. We are making waves politically as a generation, but we are far from perfection. We should strive to make that 31% a 100%. In order to accomplish this, we need to encourage political activism outside of election day.


1. Be informed about the midterm results in your area and across the nation

As a voter, you should learn how not only your vote made a difference, but the impact of other voters. As a recap of the midterm elections, Democrats won control of the House, while Republicans expanded their hold on the Senate. Additionally, the election was monumental in the number of historic firsts, listed below.

(Source of information: The Cut)

2. Stay up-to-date with current political issues

In the era of fake news, it is important that we know the facts. It is simply naive to think that the news doesn’t pertain to you or your life. Knowing what is going on the world even the in the slightest, allows you to make educated decisions and form your own opinions based on facts.

I encourage college students to sign up for platforms such as the Skimm, which sends short briefings to email inbox every morning, to try clicking on the News app when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, and to incorporate politics into their social media feeds by following a variety of sources across the aisle.

3. Get involved on campus

CU Boulder’s campus is a hub of activism of all sorts. Many CU political clubs allow a platform for students to talk about current political issues and advocate for issues they are passionate about. These clubs allow you a space to meet people, make connections with the community and learn about real-world information.

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  • CU College Democrats: We believe in using our status as college students and young adults to further democratic goals through the election of Democratic candidates on every level from student government to local, state, and national elections

  • CU Young Democratic Socialist for America: The Boulder branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) is committed to building an active left on the CU campus and Boulder community.

  • CU College Republicans: A student organization that seeks to educate students on legislation, political candidates, the government, and current events.

  • CU Turning Point: Turning Point USA educates students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.  

  • Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)-CU Boulder Chapter: The largest, most active, and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses. Their mission is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists to make liberty win.

  • CU Boulder Marxists: They present and promote socialist analyses of current events while bringing communist militancy to struggles at CU Boulder and beyond!

  • Free to Be: Their mission is to promote respectful and productive dialogue and expand intellectual diversity on high school and university campuses.

  • The Brazen Project:  They are dedicated to creating a Colorado where anyone who wants or needs an abortion has access to one in a safe, affordable, timely manner without shame or stigma.

  • Buffs for Reproductive Rights: An organization that provides students with an inclusive, intersectional, and pro-choice environment in which to cultivate activism regarding reproductive justice.

4. Join a protest or march

If you believe strongly about something- take to the streets to show government officials that you will not be silenced. While Boulder is home to a good amount of protests, Denver has more, or if you have the means and the desire, travel to D.C.

                                            (Credit Freepik.com)

Two big upcoming protest you can partake in are the March for Life on January 18th and The Women’s March on January 19th. However, if you feel strongly, start your own protest!    

5. Prepare for the 2020 Election

It is never too early to start thinking about the upcoming election. This election will be a presidential election and many candidates are already beginning to announce their campaigns. Considering you have more options than the midterm, it is a good idea to start looking into the candidates now to help you vote in the primary elections You could even start to look into helping them campaign!

                                               (Credit Pinterest)

Let’s make politics cool again.

- Rudy

Rudy Joon

CU Boulder '21

Rudy is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus of media design in the College of Media, Communication and Information, and double-minoring in Journalism and Tech, Arts, Media. She is from Saugatuck, Michigan and will always have a place in her heart for Lake Michigan, but equally loves the mountains. Her passion for helping others got her involved as a CMCI ambassador and a writer for Her Campus. Off-campus, you can find her hiking in the Flatirons, eating kale chips or running 5 minutes late.
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