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How to Break the Post-Christmas Depression

Christmas: The single, best day of the year. All this hype for just one fantastic day of cheer. Yet, it is all over in only 24 hours. Then you get to wake up on December 26 feeling sad and depressed because the countdown goes back to 365 days until Christmas. But I can help you cure your Post-Christmas Depression, no need to fear!


Get out of Bed

After all of those late night shenanigans that you and your family pulled the night before can be pretty exhausting. Don’t let that pull you down into the post-Christmas blues. You need to get out of bed and start your day or else you will be wallowing away all day and watching the same Christmas movies that just don’t feel the same anymore.

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Go to the Gym

Instead of heading right for the fridge to indulge in all of the juicy leftovers from the previous night, head to the gym. Eating all of the remaining apple pie your grandma made will not satisfy that sad feeling that Christmas is finally over. Make your way to the gym and start your New Year’s resolution of getting fit early so that you can make a routine out of it.

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Get Organized

Once you’ve sweat out all the eggnog from the previous night, go ahead and start to get yourself together. Organize all of your presents and decide what you are going to return. Throw the gift cards and money you received in your wallet, and put everything else away. Leaving a mess on your floor will just make you keep thinking of Christmas which will make you want to crawl back into bed and become upset because it is all over.

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Get out and Go shopping

This may seem a little odd, but you just got a ton of gift cards or money from your relatives, so why not just go out and get yourself something fantastic? Even go out to lunch with your friends and catch up on how everyone’s Christmas was. You deserve it, and it will make your depression go away as you spend away.

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Go out with Friends

After being with your family for all that time, you may need some time to let loose and go out! I know it might sounds really nice to stay home, cozy up, and watch some movies, but that will just pull you down into the post-Christmas funk. So, text your squad and set up some plans to do something fun, because that is what you need to cure your sadness.

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Nevertheless, it is OK to take a day and be sad that Christmas is actually over. But, no more than that because even though Christmas is over, New Year’s is right around the corner so get excited!



Belle Mead

CU Boulder '21

Belle Mead grew up in Manasquan, New Jersey, and for the past four years, attended at The University of Colorado Boulder. She majored in Journalism and minored in Creative Writing. Belle absolutely loves photography, fashion, and traveling. In the future, Belle aspires to write for Cosmopolitan or any lifestyle based magazine. She was also apart of the sorority, Alpha Chi Omega and the photography club at CU. 
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