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Conscious consumption is when people make purchasing decisions that are highly driven by their desire to make a positive social, economic, and environmental change in the world. This can mean so many different things, but the overarching theme is that you are making choices that align with your moral values by supporting businesses that do enact positive change and boycotting those that do not. In the world we live in today, conscious consumption could not be more important as we strive to make the world a better place. Here are a few ideas of how to start being a more conscious consumer:

Decide what is necessary and what is not. 

One major facet of conscious consumption is making the decision of whether or not buying certain things is even necessary. By buying things in bulk to last a long time and putting genuine thought into whether or not purchasing things is a necessity, you take a huge step in the direction of being a conscious consumer. When you do decide to make purchases, however, looking at the company you are buying from to determine if they are limiting their negative impact on the Earth is massively important.

Buy natural products.

Buying natural products that are made from natural ingredients is another way to start your journey of conscious consumption. This can be anything from soap, clothing, coffee, or skincare. There are so many different brands out there that are dedicated to saving the planet and therefore avoid the use of single-use plastic, make their products biodegradable, and avoid using any ingredients that don’t come directly from the Earth itself. Toiletries and cosmetics specifically are a huge contributor to single-use plastic, so it is important when you are shopping for those things to look for cruelty-free, plastic-free products.

Rethink your transportation. 

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to limit the pollution you create through transportation. Air travel creates a lot of pollution, and limiting the amount that you fly can be a great step. Using rideshares, riding a bike, taking the train or any public transportation, or driving an electric car are more amazing ways to reduce your negative impact on the planet. Obviously, it is easier said than done, but it does make the world of a difference to implement this into your daily life.

Reuse and repurpose. 

Reusing products and other items and buying second-hand is such a fun and easy way to be a conscious consumer. Going to thrift stores, flea markets, taking hand-me-downs from friends and family, shopping on platforms like Depop or Poshmark, and trying to keep your products for as long as possible are a few ways to do this easily. Not to mention that thrifting and upcycling is super fun and enjoyable, and allows you to expand your style beyond the mass-produced trendy goods that most people wear.

Becoming a more conscious consumer can feel like a long journey sometimes, but it is so important to understand that while these social and environmental issues that the planet currently faces aren’t going to go away overnight, you are creating a ripple effect by implementing these things into your daily life. One small change can make a huge difference.

Sydney is a junior at CU majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Media Studies. She is super interested fashion, skincare, lifestyle, and entertainment.
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