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HCCU Chronicles: Team Bonding at the Ropes Course

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Every new semester brings new people to Her Campus, and meetings are great to get to know each other, but there are other ways. More fun ways. This semester, seven Her Campus CU Boulder took to CU’s ropes course for some fun and challenging team-building exercises. 

Sunday morning, we met at Williams Village—or Will Vill as we buffs call it—one of the residence campuses in Boulder. It was bright and warm, and we had a great view of the Flatirons. Together, and with the guidance of Annie, our instructor, we balanced on planks and sang Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star louder than any college student ever has. 

Then, and in my opinion the most fun, was walking through a tight-rope-esque obstacle course. With twists and turns, we had to balance a few inches off the ground, holding on to each other, and stopping at every pillar. The goal was to save a stuffed lemur (which we called Zaboo Mafoo) and bring it back. The catch? If you had Zaboo Mafoo in your hands, you couldn’t move your feet. 

Here is what everyone thought of the event:


“I loved bonding with some of the new members and had a great time seeing my fellow HerCampus girls outside of their writing mindset and trying something active. It felt like being kids on the playground again!”

“So happy some new members came because I know how hard it can be to throw yourself out there.”

Lanaya Oliver, Editor-in-Chief


“This is the third time I’ve done this course in three months. Which is a little ridiculous. But, the course challenges are designed so that with each group, the experience is a little different— the Her Campus event was a little more chill, and we acted on the challenges a little more deliberately. It’s so fun to do something so summer camp-esque, especially with such a great view! I feel a lot closer to everyone who came now and had so much fun. I also love the core workout that some of the challenges bring.” 


“I’m so glad to have been part of such a fun event with the HCCU members! I really enjoyed how we collaborated to find solutions in the various courses we did. At first, I was a bit scared to make mistakes as I didn’t want to let the team down, but everyone was so encouraging that I stopped stressing about making mistakes after a few minutes. I was also a little apprehensive as I did show up late to the event, but everyone was so focused on helping each other through the courses that it really became more of a friend hang-out than a team-building event. Overall, I highly recommend doing this type of event with a group of friends that have good attitudes and are really there to have a good time and help each other out!” 

“I really want to shout out Mariana for being such a good leader and helping members coordinate, [and] Lachlan and Dana [who] stepped out of their comfort zones and jumped into the events with enthusiam”

Ana-Karina Potcoava, New Member Fall 2023


“My experience at the rope course was an overall fun one as I got to hang out with a bunch of new girls! I am relatively new to CU and I’m a new member of HCCU, which is all the more reason I wanted to join a team-building experience. I have done ropes courses in the past where the energy was very negative and involved a lot of blaming tendencies. This experience was anything but that. We were empowering one another to keep going, find new strategies to improve our situation, and overall get to know each other better. Personally, I would do this event again and have a great time for the second time!”

“I would love to highlight the welcoming and positive energy that came from each and every girl there! […] I never felt out of place or awkward. It was great to get to know everyone better!”

Dana Cutti, New Member Fall 2023


“It was super fun to collaborate with other members and get to know them better! At first, I was a little uncomfortable with the activity, but after a while we were all smiling and laughing as a team. I think this experience was a great icebreaker to build teamwork and I would 100% do it again. :)” 


“I was honestly kind of horrified about getting back onto a ropes course because I’ve always been scared of them, but I had so much fun! I really got to know some of the exec team and other new members well and I’m so excited to be able to collaborate with everyone! The ropes course ended up being so fun and I’m so glad I went.”

“Shoutout to Annie (our lovely instructor) for being amazing!”

-Lachlan Larsen, New Member Fall 2023


I had so much fun being with everyone. It was so different from anything I’d done before, and I loved doing it with Her Campus. I feel like I really know everyone a little better and I’m definitely more comfortable with everyone. I loved how we were all able to laugh together, and at no point were we anything but nice to each other. Even when we’d fall, or lose our balance and we’d have to start all over again. I definitely would love to do something like this again!

The ropes course was a great way to get to know HCCU’s new members and to connect with old members. We started off our semester on a great and friendly note, and I can confidently say we’re all super excited and confident about the rest of the semester. 

I see more events like this on the horizon, and I personally can’t wait! 

Mariana Bastias

CU Boulder '25

Mariana Bastías is the Director of Outreach for Her Campus CU Boulder, where she is in charge of coordinating volunteer and social events as well as connecting with local businesses for partnerships. Her articles will range from profiles to movie and book reviews to current events to her own experiences. Mariana is double majoring in Creative Writing and Psychology, with a minor in Business, at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the current manager of Brewing Market Coffee & Tea Emporium on Pearl St. Mall. As an aspiring novelist and poet, she has published a short story, Midnight Adventures, in Meridian Creative Arts Journal in their 50th edition, and she is currently working on a novella for her honors thesis. Whenever she can, Mariana likes to curl up with a book and a cup of tea and read the afternoon away. Her favorite novel is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, and she always pairs it with a cup of Earl Gray. Mariana is also an avid coffee drinker; as a professional and at-home barista, she’ll experiment with flavors and roasts. As a writer, Mariana loves filling notebooks with stories, poems, and observations of the world around her, as well as ideas for future articles.