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This is a question many ask and many disagree on. Sam and Colby are two Viners turned YouTubers who make videos focused on the supernatural and proving its existence. They go to the most haunted places around the country to perform tests in an attempt to prove the existence of the paranormal. They often bring friends with them to join the experience and attempt to prove to them that ghosts are real. To further prove that what is happening is real they also often try to debunk the events that happen and recreate them to disprove them.

One of their newest adventures was to the real “Conjuring” house. They traveled there for a series they call “Hell Week” to celebrate reaching 10 million subscribers. Since this series began, they have climbed to 11.3 million. In this series, they spent the night inside the “Conjuring” house for an entire week, where they spoke with a member of the family that the movie was based on, documented different paranormal activities, and actually communicated with several ghosts from the property. 

In this series, they meet Corey and Satori who work at the house. They claim to have a power that allows them to communicate with the spirits on the property by holding each other’s arms, enabling a connection to the spiritual realm. When they hold each other, you are able to hear footsteps and stomps from the spirit they are communicating with. Satori will ask a question and then say the alphabet until you hear a stomp. Through this method, they can receive whole sentences and have a full conversation. Sam and Colby continuously run multiple experiments in an attempt to try to disprove this, but are unable to. They even go as far as traveling back to the house after the week is over to test more ways to disprove it that they had since thought of.

Since the series came out, many have been amazed at this new technique and were convinced. It gave them a new perspective on what happens after we pass on. Some continued to be skeptical. However Corey and Satori being able to relay personal information about Sam and Colby that were not on the internet and tell details about a family member of their production crew swayed many viewers. 

Even with evidence, many people are naturally skeptical. They need to see it to believe it. It is easier to believe if you have some sort of experience with the supernatural world. Growing up, there were many unexplainable noises or events that would occasionally happen in my home and on the property. Living on a small farm in the middle of essentially nowhere, it would probably not surprise anyone that there was something there. It is the stereotypical setting for any scary movie. Throughout the years, several different people who were able to either sense spirits or could see them said that there was something going on in the place. Having instances of hearing the swing moving when it was still, singing, and my mother telling me about how I would say there was a “pink lady” and a “blue boy” in the house along with a “scary white man” when I was a toddler convinced her for sure. Apparently, events like that would happen frequently. The noises are continuously there.

Sam and Colby’s video changed many people’s idea of the afterlife. They used their humor to make intense situations more enjoyable and passed on ideas of the afterlife that made it seem a little less scary. They also showed that there was more to the Conjuring House than what was shown in the movies. Whether you originally believed in ghosts or not, throughout their different series, they do a great job of learning about the history of where they are and running their experiments while keeping the skeptics in mind. 

Ava O'Brien

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