Guidebook to Summer-Fall Transition Style

The most difficult time of year to dress for is that awkward period between summer and fall. It’s not cold enough to wear sweaters, but a tank top and shorts leave you chilly throughout the day. Here’s a guide for those in-between outfits that are so hard to get right.

  1. 1. The "Jean Shorts & Green Jacket" Combo

    This classic combination is a staple for the transition from summer to fall. For my look, I have a white tee shirt from Target, a green jacket from Hollister, and black jean shorts from American Eagle. These pieces are so universal you can pick any of them up from virtually anywhere!

  2. 2. The "Skirt and Sweater" Look

    It’s almost that time of year! In nearly every fall photo you can see a girl posing in a skirt and sweater surrounded by beautiful leaves. It’s honestly such a great look. Here, I have a tan suede skirt from Francesca’s and a sweater that’s more comfortable than anything from Aerie. Complete the outfit with some cute half booties and you’ll be ready for fall in no time!

  3. 3. Kimono and jeans

    Kimonos are great clothing pieces for the days you want to cover up, but not enough that you’re entirely overheating. This look has been popular in the past few years and continues to stay trendy as new kimonos filter their way into stores each year. My look includes a kimono and jeans from American Eagle and a black tank top from Target. 

  4. 4. Cardigan and shorts

    One of the most popular go-tos for the transition is the classic shorts and cardigan outfit. When it’s still too warm for your legs to be covered but you shiver walking outside, this is the look that'll save you! I’m wearing this look with shorts from American Eagle and a cardigan from Urban Outfitters. These pieces are such staples. Find your favorite sweater and rule the month of September with this look.

  5. 5. Basic dress with a touch of fall

    Everyone knows a t-shirt dress with a blanket scarf and some statement shoes is the way to go to combat the cool evening and stay chic during the day. This outfit is the perfect in-between fall look and can be dressed up or down depending on the choice of shoes. My look features a swing dress from Urban Outfitters, a blanket scarf from Target and Vans from DSW.

 Source // Boho Bullet Journal 

 I hope this guidebook for the summer-fall transition looks helps you stay in style this year!

 Bang bang kiss kiss,

 <3 Kaitland