A Guide to Boulder: Visitor Edition

Almost everyone knows Boulder, Colorado is one of the prettiest and most fun places to attend school. But it seems every time I have a friend visit from out of town I struggle to think of how to entertain them or the places I want to take them to give them the best possible impression. As I am sure I am not the only person who has faced this struggle I thought up a few essentials you can use either to impress a friend or family member or if you just need some ideas of things to do or see in your free time. 

  1. 1. Lost Gulch Lookout

    Although to some this might seem super basic and overdone, it truly is a must. I have never taken a friend to this spot and found them disappointed. From summer to winter to spring this place always makes not only a perfect spot to show off, but can also be a stunning photoshoot backdrop. The lookout point is about a 15-minute drive from campus, and usually, a $15 uber ride if you don’t have a car. Either way, I would definitely call it a must for anyone in the area. Just a fair warning, even when it is warm this lookout can be a bit windy so make sure to bring along a jacket. One last tip, if you have the chance, try to plan your trip around sunset time for a truly mesmerizing view. 

  2. 2. Boulder Falls

    This spot is another beautiful part of Boulder that shows off its natural beauty. The falls are around 20 minutes from campus into the mountainous roads. The falls can be found on google maps, but parking must be done on the side of the road or in a turnout. There is a small walking path with ropes that can get you very close to the falls. These falls are absolutely stunning and make for yet another great picture spot. Just be make sure to follow the path when walking, as it can be slippery near the falls. 

  3. 3. Pearl Street

    This must-see is a favorite for all. With many delicious restaurants and numerous street performers, Pearl Street can be fun at any time of day. Although some just come for a meal and are satisfied, I would recommend checking out the street performers and walking the entire downtown street as it is full of character and a variety of shops to check out. A few Pearl Street restaurants that are my favorites are the RIO Grande (Mexican), Hapa (Sushi), The Med (Mediterranean), Pasta Jay’s (Italian) and Pizzeria Locale (Pizza). I recommend if your guest is here for the weekend, plan to go to Pearl more than once, as there always is plenty going on and many delicious places ready to impress both you and your visitor. 

  4. 4. The Hill

    Although the Hill is a bit smaller than Pearl it is much closer to campus and still provides so much. Even though the Hill has a few shops, I think the most important thing it offers is food. If I had only one restaurant to take a visitor I would definitely pick The Sink. Not only has this restaurant been around since 1923, but it also has amazing character inside. It is unlike any other restaurant in Boulder, guests can sign their name on the ceiling after their meal, just as Obama once did a couple of years ago. A few other essentials on the Hil include Cosmo’s Pizza, The Corner and Insomnia Cookies.

  5. 5. Chautauqua Park / Flatirons

    From almost anywhere in Boulder, the Flatirons can be seen in all their beauty. Whether you go to Chautauqua to admire the Flatirons or to hike one of the many beautiful trails, yet again Boulder shows off its stunning attributes. If you are going to hike I definitely recommend looking up the trails and being overprepared, just to be safe. If you visit the area just to admire the view I definitely recommend a picnic near the bottom if the weather permits it. Either way, take your time and enjoy all this area has to offer.

I hope this guide can help you show off Boulder and all it has to offer. Anyone who has the chance to see it should leave ready to plan another trip back as soon as they can!!