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This year’s Greek week theme is “The Game of Life.” Each team, composed of several Greek houses, represents an occupation from the classic board game. Powderpuff football kicked off the week with a win by the sorority Chi Omega.  Each year girls practice weeks in advance to perfect their NFL moves in order to participate in the flag football game.  Competition is fierce and girls give it their all in order to claim the title of powderpuff champions.  Many girls walk away with minor scrapes and bruises. 

The next event is the judging of banners. Each year, sororities construct banners relevant to the theme, that are then displayed outside their houses.  This year the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta placed first in the banner competition.  Following banner check was the trivia bowl. Trivia bowl consists of two girls and two guys from their team competing in a jeopardy like game.  The event was extremely popular that they completely filled the event.  All of the questions asked pertained to CU.  The sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma won trivia bowl. 

One of the main events throughout this entire week is Sigma Pi’s Miss Greek.  Each year this event raises over $50,000 for Clinica, a non-profit organization that provides health care to those in need.  The pageant consists of a talent portion, a CU trivia section, and an opportunity for contestants to explain why they would be a great Miss Greek.  This year’s Miss Greek was Lauren Seaber from Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Field day is a new addition to Greek week.  Field day activities include shave the balloon, water bucket relay, water balloon toss, multiple eating contests, a tin foil art competition, and Frisbee golf.  The winner of this event will be announced at Songfest on Sunday.  Another large event is fraternity football.  Fraternity members take the field, in the flag football game, in order to be crowned football champions.  Opposed to powderpuff, frat football has less strict rules on tackling and violence overall.  The games get really heated causing small rivalries each year between fraternities on campus.  The brothers of Kappa Sigma were claimed this year’s fraternity football champions. 

The last competition is songfest, which is a highly anticipated dance competition between all of the teams.  Each year the teams choreograph a series of dances all related to their teams theme.  The dances are around twelve minutes in length and include multiple skill levels so everyone in the house can participate.  Songfest is Sunday, April 17th and is open to the public. The winners of songfest will be announced on Sunday at songfest as well the winners of Greek week overall. Greek week is a fun and highly anticipated event each year that leads to bonding with in the Greek community.

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