Four Softwares for Virtual Long-Distance Dates

Long-distance relationships are not easy, but finally getting to see your significant other after a long time is so worth it, even if the waiting feels like forever. Here are four programs that you can use for virtual dates to help you survive the distance. Many of these can be done in conjunction with FaceTime or a phone call as well!

  1. 1. FaceTime or Zoom

    Woman with curly hair waving and saying hi to someone through her laptop.

    The classics, FaceTime, and Zoom are both excellent apps to use when you want something more than a phone call and want to see your significant other’s face. It’s like you’re there with them, having a face-to-face conversation and making each other smile and laugh.

  2. 2. Netflix Party

    Netflix on Macbook screen

    Netflix Party (now called Teleparty) is one of the most innovative things I’ve ever used. It’s an extension that you add to your Chrome browser that allows you to watch a Netflix show or movie simultaneously with another person. There is also a chat feature so you can “talk” while watching. Although it’s not the same as watching TV next to each other, it definitely mimics the experience. 

  3. 3. Google Arts & Culture

    Exhibit Painting Display

    This program allows you to take virtual museum tours, and what better way to do it than alongside your significant other on the phone or on FaceTime? You can pick from 10 different museums to explore for a fun, creative, and educational date!

  4. 4. Bob Ross’s YouTube Channel

    three paint brushes

    Go get a canvas from your local store, buy some art supplies, and get painting! Bob Ross’s YouTube channel is the perfect place for a combination of creativity and fun. You can even FaceTime your significant other while painting and for some extra fun, you can make it a competition and compare them after to see whose is better.

I hope that these softwares allow you to have some fun virtual dates and that you get to see your significant other soon!