The Four Reasons Why You Need More Wildlife in Your Life Right Now!

Hey everyone! I'm writing an article about the four reasons why you need the business Need More Wildlife in your life right now! For those of you that don't know, Diana Alice is not only the artist and founder of Need More Wildlife, but she's also one of my best friends in the whole world! 

What everyone needs to know about Need More Wildlife is that it is an art business that's dedicated to bringing everyone together through brushstrokes and humor. It is about threats to biodiversity and how the loss of wildlife connects to everyone around us! Dealing with current issues such as wildlife, health, and the environment, Diana Alice and her white rabbit, Danny, can bring you from the real world to Wonderland and show you why wildlife is still SO important through not only her art but also through her social media accounts!  


  1. 1. Need More Wildlife through the Eyes of Wonderland!

    There’s no better pair that can face the world right now more than Alice and her white rabbit, Danny! They’re the best of friends, as well as undercover superheroes who can master the art of conflict and current events through brush strokes and social media posts! With cuteness, love, laughter, and finesse, these two can take the world by storm! In a society that likes to pride itself off of trends and what’s in, Alice and Danny like to put their own spin on things while still respecting what’s going on in the world around them! They are nothing but ordinary, LET ME TELL YOU! In fact, they shine bright like stars on a moonlit night. 

    Speaking of moonlit nights, Danny has some extra pizazz points that everyone needs to know about! When Alice is painting and taking care of Wonderland, Danny likes to go on side adventures by himself to explore the forbidden areas. After sniffing and scouting out the areas, he reports back the tea to Alice, who then records Danny’s adventures in Wonderland. In a lot of ways, Danny is the heart of Need More Wildlife by giving golden information that helps Alice make sense of a world in which no sense is made, to begin with. 

    Together, they are the best match on taking care of today’s issues right off the press! With research plus creativity, these two tell a story by narrating their work from Wonderland. That’s their sacred place where you will see the world through their eyes!

    If you would like to know more about Danny in addition to how he complements Alice, you can follow both of his Instagram and Twitter accounts! 

    If you would like to stay updated on Danny and Alice in the future as they create more work together in Wonderland, you can follow this Instagram account to find out more! 

  2. 2. Crystal Lovers and Scientists Unite in Wonderland!

    Besides painting, you can find Alice with her sea of crystals observing and examining life as we see it in both the present and the future! In Wonderland, days and years are hard to keep track of. If any of you have seen the movie, then you know that Alice's adventures do not have a timeline… We will never know how long she was in Wonderland… It could be days, months, or even years for that matter, but that's the added twist to your 21st century, Alice. She's not like the Disney Alice you know, and love (she's even better)! The reason why is because she has science and crystals to back her up to tell time! The best part is that Danny won't have to tell Alice that "He's late. He's late, for a very important date—no time to say hello. Goodbye."... He never has to repeat those words again, and that's because of Alice and her crystals.

    For those of you who don't believe that there is a Wonderland, Alice has got you covered! By reading books, researching online, and watching the news, Alice and Danny pride themselves on giving reliable information that's not based on anything fiction!

  3. 3. Playlist Thursday’s to keep your Week in high spirits while following Need More Wildlife’s journey through Wonderland!  

    Every Thursday, Alice and the Mad Hatter (Alex Carlson), who is also a part of the Wonderland operation, gives you playlists of their favorite tunes that they love listening to while living in Wonderland. The music genres range from Pop, R&B, Punk, EDM, 90’s bands, Girl-power anthems, Boy bands, Classic rock, Oldies, Soul, and Musical theatre. However, our favorite genre is spreading positivity through our lyrics to let you know that you are all going to be okay during this crazy and unpredictable time.

    Like you, we understand that COVID-19 is bringing out all sorts of feelings for everyone. Hoping that everyone stays home, stays safe, and washes their hands, we want to try to make everyone’s weeks just a little bit brighter! It’s another thing we love to create alongside everything else!

    With these fun and thoughtful playlists, we figured that Alice, Danny, and the Mad Hatter would show YOU that we more than just an art business. We are a brand that we would love for people to indulge in!

    If you would to explore our world, follow our playlist on Spotify, The playlists are also available in apple music for you to look forward too!

  4. 4. Need More Wildlife Wants You to be a Part of Wonderland!  

    Alice, Danny, and the Mad Hatter aren't the only ones that occupy Wonderland. There's also a bunch of other tenants like the Cheshire Cat, Unicorns, Wonder Woman, Trinity, Crystals, Cars, and many other Disney friends! The size of Wonderland isn't the same every day. Believe us, WE KNOW! It's continuously growing and evolving. I mean half the time, we don't even know who's going to park themselves in Wonderland? It's a mystery even to us, but in the best way possible! But, just know that no matter what, we accept everybody who comes our way with open arms!

    Some of the most important things for everyone to know about for those who decide to be a part of Wonderland is to know about Wednesday's. Every week, we dedicate a social media post highlighting someone in the community. It's a cycle between Need More Wildlife, Woman Woman, Crystals, and almost every other time; our dedication posts are about the magical and lovely place that is, Wonderland! Even though we live in a faraway place, just know that "Need More Wildlife is only one call away! We'll be there to save the day. Superman got nothing on us. We're only one call away!" 

    If you choose to dial us, we'll always give you the best advice on how to handle life's issues! We're honest, compassionate, and empathetic. We believe in the truth, and there's no beating around the bush about that!

    For those of you who don't live in Wonderland, but would like to visit us from time to time, we make Tik Tok videos showcasing the best parts about Wonderland. We laugh, we play, and we love to sparkle wherever we go! 

There are more than just four reasons as to why you should follow Need More Wildlife...But Alice, Danny, and the Mad Hatter wanted all of you to know the four most important reasons why YOU Need More Wildlife in your life right now! I hope you all enjoy reading this, and hopefully, you’ll follow us along as we tumble down the rabbit hole together! If you would like to just follow Alice, personally, through her journey into Wonderland, please go and follow her social media accounts! Also, if you would like to take a look at the Wonderland art, please go to the Need More Wildlife website where you can explore, buy, and find out more about what’s cooking in Wonderland!