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Female Artists to Listen to This Women’s History Month

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Women’s History Month is about acknowledging women’s accomplishments and empowering each other to break barriers and pave the way for others after us. It is a time to embrace women of all colors, shapes and forms. And what better way to do so than through music? Here are some female artists that you should definitely add to your playlist this March. 

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Miley Cyrus

Who hasn’t heard her single “Flowers”? And now her album “Endless Summer Vacation” is all over the radio, and it empowers women to embrace being single. Most of us have grown up alongside Miley Cyrus, and her music reflects the hardships of growing up and falling in and out of love. 

“There are moments of perfect, on-trend radio pop blended with country, psychedelic rock, and Eighties synths. The final result is a powerful artistic statement, focused and clear-eyed as Cyrus seems to have found herself in her thirties.”

-Brittany Spanos, Rolling Stone

Alessia Cara

From Disney’s Moana to 2018’s Best New Artist Grammy winner, Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara speaks to generations of womxn. Her album “Growing Pains” speaks to letting go of girlhood, and her single “Scars to Your Beautiful” portrays the struggle of high beauty standards. 


This Chilean singer-songwriter first came into the music scene in The Voice Chile in 2015. She was the first season’s runner-up, but despite her loss, Cami has created a place for herself in Latin Pop music. Her music reflects the experiences of womanhood in Latin America and with influences from Chilean folklore. Her latest album, “ANASTASIA” is full of feminist anthems, like “EL PEOR” and “PERREO PA LAS NENAS.”

Nelly Furtado

With over 40 million records sold worldwide, Nelly Furtado does not limit herself to one genre. From hip-hop to folklore, in English and Spanish, her music continues to inspire and embrace culture and feminism. 

“She has a unique sound and her lyrics are empowering. She has consistent bangers.”

-Lanaya Oliver, HCCU Editor in Chief

Genevieve Stokes

This alternative-pop artist’s music career is still young, having released her first EP in 2021, but her music is soulful and profound- connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Her lyrics speak directly from the heart, and her songs are the comfort in a chaotic world. 

“I’ve been listening to her for years and years and I have always found myself coming back to her music. She has staying power in my life, and that’s why she’s a favorite of mine.”

-Anna Bedell, HCCU writer. 

Brandi Carlile 

Both a feminist and LBGTQ+ icon, Brandi Carlile has paved the way for womxn and LGBTQ+ artists in the male-dominated genres of country, Americana, and rock. Her music romanticizes domestic relationships without straying too far from their reality. Her songs range from comforting to upbeat, her lyrics are poetic and her melodies are soul-warming. 

“She’s very down to earth. Despite having won multiple Grammys, she prefers to live a calm life in her cabin in the woods with her wife and daughters and it makes her music that much more relatable. She truly has a song for every emotional situation.”

-Genevive Andersen, HCCU writer. 

Music is the way in which we connect across generations and throughout the world. It can empower us and remind us of our own humanity simultaneously. And these artists do just that.

Mariana Bastias

CU Boulder '25

Mariana Bastías is the Director of Outreach for Her Campus CU Boulder, where she is in charge of coordinating volunteer and social events as well as connecting with local businesses for partnerships. Her articles will range from profiles to movie and book reviews to current events to her own experiences. Mariana is double majoring in Creative Writing and Psychology, with a minor in Business, at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the current manager of Brewing Market Coffee & Tea Emporium on Pearl St. Mall. As an aspiring novelist and poet, she has published a short story, Midnight Adventures, in Meridian Creative Arts Journal in their 50th edition, and she is currently working on a novella for her honors thesis. Whenever she can, Mariana likes to curl up with a book and a cup of tea and read the afternoon away. Her favorite novel is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, and she always pairs it with a cup of Earl Gray. Mariana is also an avid coffee drinker; as a professional and at-home barista, she’ll experiment with flavors and roasts. As a writer, Mariana loves filling notebooks with stories, poems, and observations of the world around her, as well as ideas for future articles.