February News Roundup

The world is a busy place! From the Arctic to the Cherokee Nation, changes are occuring. 

  1. 1. The Arctic may be navigable all year round. 

    A Russian gas tanker traveled through the Northern Sea for the first time this February due to weak ice cover. This ship’s travel route demonstrates that Arctic waters may be a viable option for new transportation routes. This new route is open due to rising temperatures, and the future of this area is changing each day. View the whole story here.

  2. 2. Former US Gymnastics coach John Geddert commits suicide following an arrest for sex crime charges.

    Supreme Court building

    Geddert, who has ties to disgraced former US Olympic Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar, was found dead by suicide. He was charged with 20 counts of human trafficking and forced labor resulting in injury, among other charges. Dana Nessel, the District Attorney of Michigan told in a statement that this is, "a tragic end to a tragic story for everyone involved." See the full story here

  3. 3. Cherokee Nation addresses language that limits citizenship rights ‘by blood’.

    outdoors hc 1

    This week, the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court ruled to remove the words ‘by blood’ from their Constitution. These words were used to limit black people who were enslaved by the tribe from obtaining Cherokee Nation citizenship. According to NPR, some 8,500 Cherokee Nation members are descendants of these Freedmen. See the full article and interview here.

  4. 4. The US deploys airstrikes in Syria against Iranian-backed military structures.

    Joe Biden speaking

    The airstrikes are the first known military actions under the Biden administration. The area struck is known to be a weapons smuggling location run by different militias. This is a developing story, see more about it here.

As always, world events keep chugging along despite the COVID epidemic. If you are ever bored, type in any word into google, and a cool news story will appear for you to delve yourself into.