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Everything you Need to Know about the Lesbian TikTok Drama

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Don’t judge me, but my recent guilty obsession has been stalking the lesbian influencers on TikTok. #TeamSoph.

If you haven’t heard, the gay side of the internet has been shocked by Avery Cyrus and Soph Moscos breakup as of Aug. 3. The now ex-couple took to their Instagram stories asking for space and understanding and even posted a video together explaining that there were no hard feelings between them, regardless of what their followers thought. However, just three days after the breakup, Cyrus was spotted with Jojo Siwa as a plus-one for multiple events, including a trip to Disneyland and a birthday party. Come on? Three days? Siwa’s recent single status after breaking up with Kylie Prew a few months ago made their sightings together suspicious, to say the least. But it all hit the fan when the infamous couple started posting more TikToks together.

Posts of them out for food and singing Miley Cyrus songs together were enough to overtake my entire for you page, but Jojo’s post to a famous Kardashian sound caught just about everyone’s attention. “We’re friends,” said Siwa. “Purely platonic,” replied Cyrus, followed by giggling and a “What’s so funny?”. Needless to say, the next post of the two sharing a kiss and finally confirming the relationship was no surprise to their fans. But what about Soph? Avery completely disregarded the fact that they’ve been together longer than the majority of our favorite internet couples. 

Mosco’s recent feed has been all about self-care and healing, which is a great thing to see after a breakup, but it seems like the exes are recovering in very different ways. Everyone (including myself) was waiting for her to move on to better things, so when Soph finally posted with Alissa Butt, #teamsoph was all too excited. The major glow up for Mosco is such a powerful comeback after Cyrus and Siwa’s coming out. Regardless of how you identify sexually, Alissa is hot, hot, hot. 

The new couples faced their first public event together at Troubador, where Jojo and Avery photobombed Soph and Alissa’s photos. It really has me wondering if there’s beef between them or if they really are happy for each other. Honestly, I can’t imagine a world where Soph would be completely comfortable with the way Avery acted after the breakup. 

Influencer, kales_0, has been posting updates about the drama and has become a sort of TikTok lesbian newscaster. Mosco actually commented on a few of them, most recently mentioning how she’s planning on just keeping quiet and private about the situation, which I think is honestly pretty humble considering she could have a huge portion of Avery’s fans turn on her if she really wanted. 

Although I’m clearly taking Soph’s side on the matter, I think the way the couples ended up makes a lot of sense. Avery has always had that childish manner to her, as exemplified by her (arguably annoying) skateboard-making videos. Avery and Jojo have even started dressing more alike, and some claim Siwa is “healing Avery’s inner child.” So regardless of the age gap, as Jojo is 19 while Avery is 22, the maturity level seems to match. As for Soph and Alissa, they just look great together and match each other’s energy in the way they present themselves on social media. So, even with what seems like never-ending drama, maybe it’s all working out how it’s supposed to. All I know is that I will support Soph through it all. #TeamSoph.

Kate Paxton

CU Boulder '26

Kate Paxton is a writer and member of Her Campus Colorado University Boulder. She writes articles covering a variety of topics like wellness, college life, and films. Previously, she was an editor for her high school's newspaper The Mustang, where she oversaw the comedy section and contributed articles. She is currently a sophomore at CU Boulder, majoring in psychology with a pre-health emphasis. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, binge watching sitcoms, and therapeutically cleaning her room.