Amelia Kramer-Girl Driving On A Road Trip

Everything You Need to Know to Survive Commuting to School

For all my fellow or soon-to-be commuters out there, I’m sure you understand how frustrating commuting to school can be. It’s no fun sitting in an endless line of traffic, waking up bright and early, and missing out on some cool events on campus. 

As a commuter student myself, I totally understand. Yes, commuting definitely has its downsides but it really depends on how you make the most of it. You’re not always gonna get free food, housing, and laundry help, so I would enjoy it while it lasts!

Here are some of the things I’ve learned since I became a commuter student:



  1. 1. Use The Waze App To Track Traffic Trends.

     This app has become a HUGE lifesaver for me and you need to download this app ASAP! Waze allows you to see real-time traffic trends through its map. Any areas highlighted red on its map indicates that there is heavy traffic. And you also have the ability to plan your drives! You can program the app to notify you when you need to leave your house in order to get to your destination by a certain time. That way you can avoid that horrendous commuter traffic and you’ll never have to worry about being late to school.

  2. 2. Treat Your Car as Your Locker

    One of the hardest things I had to cope when I first became a commuter student was not having the luxury of running back to my dorm or apartment if I needed something. This is why it is crucial to keep all the essentials in your car. Keep an extra set of clothes, shoes, toiletries (pads, makeup removers, etc.), and a stock of snacks in your car just in case you need these things.

  3. 3. Know All the Possible Routes to School

    Make sure you know at least one other route that you can take to school. If the regular route you take to school is backed up with construction or an accident, you can easily switch to a different route to school. This especially comes in handy on snowy days or if you’re are wanting to avoid traffic. I regularly drive different routes to school because the traffic or road conditions are better with one route vs. another route at certain times of the day. 

  4. 4. Download a Set of Podcasts and Audiobooks

    I highly recommend doing this! It makes the commute to school a whole lot more bearable, and it’ll make your drive pass by a lot quicker while you’re stuck in traffic. And if you’re really wanting to make the best of the time you spend in your car, try listening to a recorded class lecture or a podcast and an audiobook that covers topics you are learning in your current classes. 

  5. 5. Save on gas expenses using the Gas Buddy App.

    This app is a MUST-HAVE! If you’re ever in need of gas, the app will show you all the gas stations that are nearby you and what their prices are. It also has a feature that shows you the range of gas prices in your area― from the highest price to the lowest gas price― which is soo helpful because it’ll prevent you from going to a station with overpriced gas. You also have chances to enter daily contests to win free gas money! 

  6. 6. Schedule Your Classes Closely Together

    Try to schedule your classes back to back if you can. If it’s not possible, aim for a 1-2 hour gap in between classes. Having too large of a gap in between classes can become exhausting because you’ll be stuck waiting around for your next class with no option to chill out in your dorm or apartment before your next one. If you have some gaps in your schedule, I suggest finding a spot on campus that you can regularly hang out at to pass the time in between classes.

Happy Commuting!