Early 2000’s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Fashion is always changing in every living moment. Keeping up with common fashion trends at the moment can be all over the place, but typically, we keep kicking it old school and adding onto modern trends.

Looking back, many famous fashion icons such as Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, and Nicole Richie collectively impacted our styles tremendously. Additionally, a multitude of popular movies and shows such as "Mean Girls", "Legally Blonde", and "Gossip Girl" showcased on-the-rise fashion statements that continued to spread throughout.

Recently, the popular early 2000’s fashion trends have been on the rise, again! From silk slip camis to baggy jeans, I am SO here for it!  

Here are some of the Y2K trends that are definitely here to stay and can be rocked by anyone!

person wearing black Vans Old Skool shoes Sara Rolin/Unsplash Y2K garment styles are very versatile. Although, styles range from Barbie-chic to skater girl attire. Mix and match!

  1. Silk Slip cami

  2. V-neck camis, tank tops, and halters

  3. Baggy jeans and wide cargo pants

  4. Low rise pants/jeans

  5. Low waisted baggy jeans

  6. Flared pants

  7. Pleated skirts

  8. Mini skirts

  9. Tie front v-neck cardigans

  10. Baby-cropped graphics and cap sleeves

  11. Bell sleeves

  12. Asymmetrical tops

  13. Zip-up long sleeves 

  14. Cowl necks

  15. Sweater vests

  16. Blazers

  17. Mini handbags 

woman in white shirt and jeans in front of white wire fence Photo by Marcela Alessandra from Pexels

Many popular colors and fabrics are trendy! Here are some examples. 

  1. Velvet

  2. Silk

  3. Linen and cotton

  4. Pink

  5. Denim everything

  6. Fur

  7. Plaid

  8. Cow print 

  9. Zebra print

  10. Cheetah print

Woman arms and hands covered in jewelry Photo by Mike Von from Unsplash Accessories are everything! Here are a few to get you started!

  1. Saddle/baguette shoulder bags

  2. Mini bags/Purses

  3. Butterfly barrette clips

  4. Hair bandanas

  5. Small sunglasses (colored or normal)

  6. Layered jewelry

  7. Diamond belts

  8. Glitter accessories

blonde haired woman in black top surrounded by tall plants Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

Hairstyles can always compliment an outfit. Give your hair a makeover, or start small!

  1. Bangs

  2. Pigtails

  3. Up-do/Buns

  4. Crimped hair

  5. Bouncy curls

  6. Sleek straight

  7. Chunky highlights

  8. Hair feathers

Here are some examples!

  1. 1. Rihanna: Pretty in Vintage

    Rihanna kicking it back old school!

  2. 2. Keeping It Casual 

    Baggy pants, bright pink, and chunky shoes!

With so many options, there are endless outfit possibilities to play around with. What are some trends you’d like to try next? Maybe a baby crop top, baggy jeans, a diamond belt, sneakers, and a mini handbag? Or maybe a pleated skirt, a silk cami, and heels? Let us know what trends you would like to try!