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The Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning Your Wardrobe into Winter

With Winter right around the corner the idea of having to get all new clothes just to stay warm and on trend during the colder months can be daunting. Not to fear! You can use a lot of your summer and fall pieces for the upcoming winter season. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can come in handy when transitioning into winter fashion!

DO: Switch up your footwear & pair them with your summer pieces

You don’t need to go out and buy an entire new winter wardrobe. Simply take pieces, like dresses from you summer collection, and pair them with boots for an instant winter look! The best part is that boots go with everything and are the easiest way to instantly make any outfit look fit for the colder season approaching. 

DON’T: Drag out the life of your sandals

There’s a time and place for sandals and it’s not winter. Even when the warmer days seem to stick around through fall and even winter, sandals should still be put away when summer comes to a close. Switching out your sandals for sneakers or boots can immediately transform your summer vibes to fall/winter!

DO: Statement jackets 

Leather, denim, cheetah print? How about all of the above! Whether it’s a bright colored jacket or an oversized fur coat, statement jackets are really all you need for the ultimate warm, yet fashionable outfit. You hardly even need to put an outfit together. Throw on your favorite pants and t-shirt, slip into your favorite statement  jacket, and you’re good to go! 

DON’T: Over-do it

Statement pieces are a sure way to make your outfit bold and trendy, just remember: keep it simple! Stick to one or two statement pieces with each outfit. There’s no need to go overboard when your outfit already makes a statement for you (like this cute cheetah jacket!)

DO: Accessorize

Use accessories to your advantage when the colder months approach. Scarves and hats can easily transform your warmer weather clothing into the perfect winter outfit! Layer your outfit with a scarf or throw on a beanie or trendy hat with any outfit! Not only will these accessories transition your summer clothes into fashionable winter outfits, but they’ll also keep you warm when the cold weather hits! 

DON’T: Have too much going on

Yes, accessories and statement pieces are essential, but it’s important to have limits. In fact, less is usually more. If you’re going with jewelry, try to stick to 3-4 accessories max. Or, when it comes to hats (like this cozy beanie), let it make a statement for you by keeping it the focus! DO: Layer

Not only will layering your clothing keep you warm, but it also adds dimension to your outfits. You could do anything from layering an oversized jacket over a sweater or summer dress, to throwing on a big scarf over your t-shirt and slipping on a warm coat. 

DON’T: Take it too far

Although it can be great to bring previous season’s fashion to the next season, it’s important to not be too excessive. Find styles from your summer wardrobe (like this skirt) that go well with winter/fall pieces (the sweater pictured below works perfectly!) for a little added summer flare. But remember , your winter clothes should be the highlight of your wardrobe for the colder season! DO: Step out of your comfort zone!

At the end of the day, fashion should be fun and is a way to express who you are. Don’t be afraid to try something new and go for things you wouldn’t typically choose! As long as you feel good, that’s all that matters!

Getting your new season wardrobe shouldn’t be hard and most definitely shouldn’t have to break the bank. Using previous season’s clothing is the perfect way to save money, but also incorporate some of your favorite pieces into the new season! 





Ella Zeiler

CU Boulder

Ella is currently an English major with a minor in Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Outside of school Ella has a love for all things writing and hopes to write or edit for a magazine one day. She shares a passion for fashion, photography and travel. In her free time she's either out exploring, finding the next photo spot, or daydreaming about living in Paris.  "Sometimes I would buy vogue instead of dinner, I just felt it fed me more." - Carrie Bradshaw 
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