Cute & Cozy Ethical Products for Fall



TRICK-OR-TREATYO’SELF. This time of year brings about not only holiday bashes and pumpkin patches: it also means cold weather and more warm nights in devotion to some much needed self-care. With all the pumpkin spice scented goodies around, it can be hard not to go a bit overboard.

But what if you want to be all natural or prevent animal cruelty? It can be hard enough as-is trying to buy products that support the values you love--and it can be an all-out mess when faced with spirited goodies. Below is a list compiled to give you your cozy fix without sacrificing.

Karmalit Candles

Image from Shop Myrrh.

These adorable candles pack a lot of festive fragrance and give back to the community they come from.

Made from ethically harvested soy and custom made in Denver, they are not only environmentally friendly but they create countless jobs for American farmers. In addition, a portion of every candle purchase helps to fund school supplies for classrooms in need.

For a comparable price to other fragrance lines, spice up your apartment’s vibe and spread some good karma.

(Maple Drive is a personal favorite!)

Burt’s Bees Balm

Image from Burt's Bees.

Almost everybody knows this wholesome brand. Not only are their lip balms rave-worthy, but they are a cruelty-free, all-natural company; they also often hold campaigns to plant flowers and plants that restore environments and help save the bees!

These are a pretty great treat for a super great price-- and they are selling fun, festive scents like Chai Tea and Pumpkin Spice throughout the Fall season!

Lush’s Halloween Line

Image from Pinterest.

Lush is the holy grail of luxurious and adorable bath products. They always have new scents and formulations coming out, most recently being the scarily cute Halloween line!

Every product is made with natural ingredients that are great for your skin and are ethically harvested. Not only that, but the store has a fair-trade policy and is an advocate for many worthy campaigns like No Nukes and Still Fighting Animal Testing.

The Body Shop Body Butter

Image from Twitter.

Cold, autumn winds mean that we need to put the hydration back into our skin. The Vanilla Pumpkin line is a perfect balance between amazing fragrance and healthy body care.

In addition to crafting wonderful scents, they advocate for female empowerment worldwide and promote ethical trading in economically vulnerable communities. They are cruelty-free, vegetarian, and most importantly, they are good for your body. What’s not to love?

Package Free Shop Heating Pads

Image from Package Free.

When the weather hits the fan, often all I want to do is curl up and stay nice and warm. These heating pads help to do just that (and are extra nice for that time of the month). In addition, they are all natural and contain a super comforting blend of herbs such as whole lavender buds to put your mind at ease.

Package Free keeps all of its products as close to zero waste as possible. Their commitment to the environment--and the quality of their products-- is impressive. Check out some other nifty items while you’re there!

Meow Meow Tweet Body Care

Image from Google Images.

Not only is the name absolutely adorable, but their products are, too! They are a small batch company that creates vegan and cruelty-free products that are amazing for your body and for the environment. All ingredients are completely natural and organic, so you don’t have to worry a bit about lathering up.

Try their Cinnamon Coffee soap for a relaxing spa-like treat on any chilly November night.

Image from Google Images.

You can get spooky without supporting ghoulish practices. So get out there and enjoy this wonderful season.