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CU Named “Druggiest” College by Daily Beast/Newsweek

CU already has a rep for the infamous 420 smokeout, being Playboy’s Top Party School, and we even made GQ’s list of Top 25 Douchiest Colleges.  Now we’re being named the “druggiest” college in America by Newsweek?  Surprise, the University of Colorado at Boulder has one more claim to fame, one more shining award to add to the trophy case and one more title to effect the campus’ reputation.  Has the party personality that CU has been given old news?
According to the Colorado Daily’s Dec. 1 article, the study ranked CU number one out of thirty schools based on a grade of "C-" for drug safety. It was reported that there were 801 drug arrests on CU’s campus during the period of the study and that 27.3 percent of people ages 18-25 statewide are regular drug users. CU has moved up a couple standings considering the university placed fifth in the same survey in 2010.

Bronson Hilliard, CU Spokesman and Public Relations Director said that the information included in the study was skewed because the number of drug related arrests were not correct.  The given statistic was 801 drug arrests, but the true number is 351, which is still double the statistic from last year (137 arrests).
Hilliard says the number has increased because of a campus crackdown, but is that true? 
There is a drug culture here at CU.  Local marijuana dispensaries influence students, as do rave-style concerts (where drugs are common/available).  Also the stigma exists just because college students in general are viewed as supposed heavy drug users.
Students are aware of the stigma and either bask in its spotlight or are embarrassed for their soon-to-be alma mater’s reputation. 
Either way, students should not let this reputation define CU.  Students should not be afraid of the judgment their university is experiencing.  Instead, we should be proud of CU and disregard the stereotypes given to us as Boulder students.

Ali Chastain is a sophomore majoring in Advertising in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at CU Boulder. Even though her passion is in Advertising, Journalism has always been a close second, which is why she is stoked to be a part of Her Campus! Originally from St. Louis, MO, she calls Boulder her home away from home. She is a part of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and is also employed at American Apparel. When she is not working or studying, she loves to run around her favorite trails in Boulder, stalk music blogs, and put her foodie-ness to the test at new restaurants.
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