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I have found a love for C-dramas (or Chinese Dramas) and K-dramas (Korean Dramas) of every genre, from historical to romance stories. I have a total of five C-dramas and five K-dramas that I think everyone should watch at least once. If you watch any of these, you might become hooked. 


I think that C-dramas get a little overshadowed by K-dramas, but they have their own special qualities to them that I enjoy. Also, unlike some K-dramas, most C-dramas are around 40 episodes, so I am more willing to binge-watch them because the story goes on for longer.

“Hidden Love” (25 episodes)

This drama was all the rage over the summer. If you want an easy love story that is not that long, this is probably the best C-Drama to start off with. This story is a coming of age, brother’s best friend romance and age gap love story. It hits all the major tropes but does not make you annoyed or begging for more. I fell in love with the love story, but I also fell in love with the sibling relationship.

“When I Fly Towards You” (24 episodes)

This is a sweet coming of age story where she fell first but he fell harder. Something that I personally love about this love story is that there is no love triangle or one sided feelings. Throughout the entirety of the show, you will fall in love with the main characters as well as the side characters as they are not left an afterthought. This show is about figuring out you like someone and how to tell that person. 

“My Girlfriends an Alien 2” ( 30 episodes)

I love the first season of this TV show, but I think by the second season,the directors worked out the kinks and made it so much better. This series is an out-of-this-world love story; there is a love triangle, but with this romance, there is more at stake —someone might lose their life. The second love story brings you all the laughs.

“Love is Sweet” ( 36 episodes)

Frenemies to lovers, office romance and childhood friends: this is one of those shows I kept seeing in my Instagram feed to the point where I just gave in and started watching it. Once I stumbled upon this show and started watching, I couldn’t stop.  

“Falling into Your Smile” (31 episodes)

Gaming-world-meets-romance is the simplest way to explain this love story. From forced proximity, work relationships and a love triangle, this was the first ever C-Drama I watched right after I started getting into K-dramas, and once I watched it, I was hooked. This love story is amazing; from subtle hints of jealousy to a slow burn relationship, and all because she is the first professional female gamer. There are many obstacles that they have to overcome to be together. The only downside to this drama is that there needed to be another season.


K-dramas have taken the world by storm in the past few years, but they have been around for a long time. The only downside to these K-drama recommendations is that these are quick watches.

“Business Proposal” ( 16 episodes)

Identity swap, miscommunication and relationship by contract: the story begins when the  female lead takes her best friend’s identity and steps in when her friend does not want to go on a blind date. The guy  happens to be the main character’s boss, who she has to see everyday. This drama is like Hannah Montana without the singing because the female lead is trying to keep her true identity a secret, which then leads to so many unfortunate events.

“Perfect Marriage Revenge” (12 episodes)

This quick watch is the best if you are hesitant about getting started in K-Drama’s. If you want a revenge plot, a contract marriage with a hint of time traveling and a whole lot of romance, this is the show for you. The female lead is trying to get back at her family who never treated her right because she was adopted. Through this journey to avenge her future self, she meets her found family and gains her confidence back — which she will need if she wants to take down her terrible family.

“My Demon” (16 episodes)

This was my favorite drama of 2023 and you can watch it on Netflix. It’s about a marriage contract, forced proximity and past love. I believe this is Song Kang’s best acting job yet. This is a thriller, but also a comedy: the writers try to make it very balanced where one does not overpower the other. There’s family drama, death in the family and a stalker. The chemistry between the two main characters will leave you constantly wanting more. 

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” ( 17 episodes)

This show will make the whole room laugh. There’s a lot of miscommunication: the main characters like eachother but are each trying to set the other up with someone else that they are close to. This show also highlights the hardship of being college student athletes in their respective sports and how that could also impact your college experience. 

“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” (17 episodes)

This is the series that made me fall in love with K-dramas. The main character is a girl born with super powers trying to get by in everyday life. Her boyfriend is a boy trapped in a man’s body: your pinnacle golden retriever boyfriend. She is hired to be his bodyguard, but two different people are after both of them. If you are just starting out on K-dramas, I think that this is the best one, and if you ask anyone that likes K-dramas, they probably would say the same thing.

Honorable Mentions

A little Thing Called First Love (C-drama)

Wonderland of Love (C-Drama)

Doctor Romantic 2 (K-Drama)

Marry My Husband (K-Drama)

 I have fallen so deeply in love with these dramas that they have become my comfort shows. I could sit down and watch any of these all the way through, no matter how many times I have previously watched them.

Kennedy Pickering

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