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Be Fashion Forward with Your CU Spirit

 As our basketball buff boys are doing us proud and living up to the CU name, we have to repay the favor by reppin our CU spirit wear. Our pride is high after our Pac-12 win over California and we want to keep the momentum going through the NCAA tournament. Not to mention the weather has been amazing, so why not have an ensemble to match your mood!
I put together a variety of 4 easy to immitate looks that hopefully one you can rock with your own twist! (From top left to bottom right)
Fashion Forward: Jazz up a basic white Buff tee with a flattering long skirt. Want to nail a hot Spring trend? Pair your ensemble with a sensational floppy hat.


 Lady Like: With a few slip stitches and elastic you can turn an oversized CU t-shirt into a new dress. If you don’t have the time or resources to sew your own dress take an easy route and grab a long sleeved shirt, cut an oversized neckline to lay on your shoulders and tie the arm sleeves around your back to make a super cute bow!

Frat Tee: Show some skin and cut a shirt’s sleeves down to your mid waist, creating a tank top. Wear a black or colored bandeau and add some accessories to make the style your own.

Mix and Match: Pick a fun print bottom to make your outfit pop! Florals and prints are everywhere this season and you’ll be sure to make a statement! I opted for a black and white tank dress so the dress peaks
out from the bottom and top.

Girls, you don’t always have to look frumpy when
wearing an ordinary t shirt. Go ahead, spice up your
CU gear!

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