Activities to Do With Your Squad Once Quarantine is Over

Spring 2020 was one of the least predictable semesters most of us have seen. A lot of us are stuck in our house. That being said, this will all be over sooner or later, and I’m super excited to finally see my friend group in Denver again. Here’s a giant list of things you can do with your friends (when you’re done quarantining, of course).

  1. 1. Go on a road trip.

    Richard Jaimes K4Dt8X2

    There are plenty of beautiful mountain towns in Colorado that are a relatively short drive. I'm planning on visiting Ouray this summer.

  2. 2. Go to a museum.

    The Lalaholding Beaker

    There are art museums and science museums in Denver that are great spots to visit with your friends.

  3. 3. Make some mocktails.

    whiskey coke

    This is a super fun way to feel fancy with your friends! There are hundreds of recipes on Pinterest.

  4. 4. Watch a horror movie.

    Movies image

    Be sure to actually watch them with your friends if you want to finish it!

  5. 5. Play a board game.

    friends in scrabble letters

    It's old-school, but games like Monopoly are a classic.

  6. 6. Get boba.

    Quickly Sign

    If you go to Boulder, you're probably addicted to Kung Fu Tea. Nothing beats chatting over some bubble tea.

  7. 7. Go downtown.

    people crossing intersection new york city times square

    Most downtown areas have pretty cool restaurants and shopping areas to explore. You can also have a photoshoot with your friends there!

  8. 8. Travel.

    airplane view

    This one requires a bit of planning (and a lot of money), but you'll make a lot of memories.

  9. 9. Go to an amusement park.

    Girls on bench in front of ferris wheel

    Most states have amusement parks. During the summer, Elitch Gardens in Denver has both an amusement park and a water park.

  10. 10. Go to a concert.

    Red Rocks

    Does your squad like moshpits, symphonies, or pop concerts? As long as they're not canceled, they'll be there for your group to enjoy. 

  11. 11. Fill a kiddie pool with Orbeez.

    summer girl legs swimming pool

    You know you want to.

  12. 12. Make DIY face masks.

    girl wearing a mud mask

    This is a great way to relax with your friends, especially after a global pandemic subsides! There are a lot of DIY mask recipes on Pinterest.

  13. 13. Build a game.

    A nintendo switch displaying mario kart is on a display case in front of  blurry convention scene in the background

    This might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's actually a pretty fun group project!

  14. 14. Go thrift shopping.

    A picture of clothes on racks at a clothing store

    If you haven't tried thrifting yet, you should try it! 

  15. 15. Try the spiciest food in town.

    Emmrick Mccadden-Hot Sauce

    This is for you capsaicin addicts out there!

  16. 16. Go to a conveyer belt sushi restaurant.


    It's an experience.

  17. 17. Stargaze.

    Stars in the night sky

    Extra points if you have a telescope.

  18. 18. Explore a cave.


    Obviously make sure that the cave is safe and popular, but if you can do it in Minecraft, why not in real life?

  19. 19. Go to the Botanic Gardens.

    roses on black background

    The Denver Botanic Gardens is my favorite place in Colorado. My friends and I have probably gone there at least ten times now!

  20. 20. Make a cardboard boat.

    recycle only

    And name it.

Quarantining is rough! But, being able to look forward to hanging out with your friends will hopefully lift your mood.